Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mid Week Funny!

Julia all dressed in her "Help Mommy" Garden attire!!! I love those chubby bare feet!!

This stunning combination of pink shirt and skirt and RED firetruck rain boots is an exclusive look....sorry you just can't buy it anywhere!!

Okay so I laid Julia down for her nap today and then of course we had lots of DRAMA with that...sidenote.....we took the "night night" away (her pacifier) over a week ago, and since then she won't lay down peacefully for bed, and she now has taught herself how to crawl out of her crib...NICE I know!!......So after I heard no screaming and tantrum fit throwing coming from the stairway I figured our "DRAMA MAMA" had escaped from her I walked up the stairs and this is what I found....No Drama mama (aka Julia).......So I turn around from the bed and below it what I found......

Her asleep in the rocking chair that she was begging me to "Rock a Baby" in.....Funny HUH??? Well I left her there for a few minutes more while I put my groceries be sure she was asleep...then went back up and placed her back in her bed where she should have been.....I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! "One of these days I'm gonna look back and wish I had these days back"....that's what everyone tells me....Are you all sure about that or has it just been so long since you had "those days" that you have forgotten????
All kidding aside I am enjoying every trying and funny minute of "these days" because I already know they will be gone in the blink of an eye.......
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Mominin said...

She is just too cute! That always scares me when I go in to check on them and can't find them!

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