Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How I Did Last Month/ Grocery Run for the Week!

Well I did well last month!!! I had so much sharing how I did last month with you all I thought I would do it again this month......Here is the breakdown:
Walmart (I know don't fall off your chair I actually stop once in a GREAT while) $24.46
Aldi $38.81
Kroger $108.68 ( I spent more here than usual we decided before our 5-day camping trip to just make one stop here instead of running to several stores with ALL the kiddos.....)
Meijer $21.67
CVS $21.13
Walgreens $25.61 (I made more stops here than usual this last month...I MADE $35 in RR from all the Monitors I got.......)
GRAND TOTAL: $240.36
I was happy with that even though I try to stay within $200 for the month...We celebrated 2 birthdays last month and went on our little camping vacation.....So I think overall I did well and am pleased with that :)
How'd you do last month???? Is anyone else saving money shopping????? I would love for you to take a second to tell encourages my heart!!!

Last night I made a Walgreens stop and did TWO transaction to use up my RR I made last month!!! Before I forget I got Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Powder FREE.....the 4oz bottle is $1.99 and then you get $1RR and then I also had a $1 check that out....I had 2 items (puppy related) that I returned and then turned that money into a FREE pack of diapers and a pack of pull-ups :) After coupons my first total was .74 and then I got my $2 RR from the Ecotrin! Then the 2nd transaction total was $13.XX I had to get some things I needed while I was out sponges, snuggle softener sheets, the other things like honey, animals crackers, and fruit snack where just a nice treat for the kiddos....So I could've did it much cheaper....but I knew I had extra in the weekly budget to go ahead and get em'......
Next stop KROGER...I got FREE Quakers(coupon in the mail), FREE kitty food, FREE dial soap, FREE Oscar Meyer Franks (coupon in the mail).....MM dog treats!!! (Shortcuts had a $2.50 loadable coupon I had already loaded one on then they had another one available...then I had 2-$2.50MQ they cost $4.49 and I had $5 in coupons....LOVE THAT!!! I got pizza for $1.50 each By the time I deducted all my yoplait coupons I paid .29 per yogurt....I got .50 Bar S franks and Bologna...and cheap TP and bananas to round it up!!
Total $20.XX my total was $46.04 before Q's!!!!

Today while my loving MIL kept my kids I ran to MENARDS and scored some FREE after Rebate item...Saws were FREE, Safety glasses (in the back) FREE, Tarps FREE, Letter Coloring Book FREE, Batteries were .99 after rebate and the Duck tape was .49 after rebate...OFF was $2.XX after rebate...I only had one Q but I now we will use it!!!
After Menards I hit MEIJER....Not pictured is 2 cases of FREE water, and then I got 4 2 liter of pop and the chip for my SIL b-day party this weekend....2 FREE chex mix, FREE milk, 2 money making Pompeian Red Wine vinegars (Thanks Megan for that!!), FREE Go Lean waffles (coupon in the mail) There is a deal when you buy two Crystal Lights you get a FREE case of limit...So I did two of these and there are coupons on Meijer's Mealbox and MQ you can use to make the 2 Crystal Lights and water $1.98 total!!! BONUS when I checked out I also got a $2 Catalina for my next purchase......I don't know if it was because I got 4???? But heads up with that!!! So I really got two Crystal Lights FREE also :) Kellogg's cereal was 4/$10 ($2.50 each) I got 3 of those then one that was $2.69 I had $1MQ for all of them and then because I bought 4 cereal I got the FREE milk!!! Ritz were .50 each after MBox Q and MQ combined....Then I had a coupon for 1 FREE box of Wheat Thins if you bought a box of Ritz (It was in this weeks paper I think) I was even able to get the BIG Family Size BOX.....and Tomato Basil are my FAV!!!!!
Grand Total was $20.XX My total before Q's was over $40!!!!!
So my grocery total this week was $53.00 only $3 over and since I had to extra stuff at Walgreens and another fun b-day party that works just fine!!!!
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Megan said...

My sister didn't get the catalina so I didn't want to post it but I ended up getting it so I'm not sure what happened with hers. Anyway it is for buying 4 Crystal Light to go packs.
Great Deal!!

you're welcome on the vinegar! Looks like you had a great week!

I still want to get another monitor at Walgreens but doubt I'll get up there... ah well we'll see!

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