Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Winners of the Hollyhock Giveaway!!

I used a highly technical way of choosing the winners!!! I had my 8 year old pick a number and my 6 year old pick another number....complicated I know!!!

And the winners are Genesa (You can thank Caleb, he picked your number)

Stephanie Reed is the other winner thanks to Lance!!

Genesa & Stephanie let me know what your final decision is on which hollyhock you would like...single or double blooming along with the address you would like them sent to.

Genesa I think I know where to find you!

Thanks to all who entered!!!
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Stephanie Reed said...

Lance, you are a good guy! Thanks for picking my number. :-)

I already emailed you but I forgot to say I like the single blooms.

Yay! Can't wait to grow more hollyhocks.

Genesa said...

Thanks Caleb!(and you too Danielle!)
I would like the single blooming one if that works! I can't wait to try my hand @ getting them to grow!

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