Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Happenings....

The night before Christmas Eve my camera decided to take a poop on me! It's been a great little camera for 4.5 years...but really....why did it choose Christmas time to die? So I don't have any photos to share just yet..I have to download them from Hubby's IPhone...sometime. I also have been able to accomplish some fun things over our break...but I can't show you because of my camera situation. Can you see how this not having a camera is killing ME!! I take pictures almost every single day.....I'm feel like an addict having withdrawal (or at least I'm imagining it)! All this whining to say I'm shopping around for people's opinions on what camera they have/love and would recommend. At this point I am thinking of make the leap to an SLR camera. I would love to hear any and all opinions on what brands you LOVE, and which ones to stay away from......I'm ALL EARS...spill it!

In the mean time if you need me I'll be browsing obsessing over websites and reading reviews.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our New Tradition in the School Room!

I saw this idea several years ago, but always after December is already almost over. I was thankful that I ran across it this year at the end of November. We wrapped up all books to do with winter/Christmas and put them under our little tree in the school room. Each day we select a new book to read aloud. One "student" gets to pick the book, another gets to unwrap it, then yet another gets to remove a link on our "Number of Days till Christmas" chain. I usually read aloud the books, but this week I have fighting off a chest cold and sore throat so Lance has taken over at the times he has been needed.

 Our little tree with all our books
 Our Number of Days till Christmas Chain
 Flat Stanley Christmas Adventure was our first book
 We sat around the table in our own coffee shop drinking hot chocolate while reading this book.
 Lance reading a Magic Tree House book to us all
We LOVE reading at our house........

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Picture Taking......

I love capturing random pictures of the kids...some posed...some not. Although, because I take their picture constantly as soon as they see the camera they automatically pose in some sort of fashion.

The first photo is posed by everyone except Lance......he was happy...really!
 See I told ya....that's better.
 Lance working away at his math....
 Julia snuggling up to her pink kitty
 Zach just chilling by the Christmas tree
 Since I am always taking their pictures, Julia likes to grab the camera and take mine. Usually she take pictures when I am in sweat pants, hair looks totally awesome (not)! I thought I'd post one that didn't scare you all instead.
Justin and Caleb hanging out

The kids performed their CHRISTmas program at church...Zach made a cute shepherd (I'm completely biased....and not afraid to admit it.)
 Miss Julia all dressed up in her new CHRISTmas dress.
 Moments like this are what carry you through all the referee work you have to do as mama!
 Cuddling kitties....always a favorite past time around here.
 By the time the new year arrives I think we all feel a bit like this......

Gingerbread House Construction

The Christmas season is upon us and my kids students are just as excited as any for Christmas break! I decided this would a good time to take a little break for all the book work and insert some seasonal fun into the day. So last week we began construction.....Gingerbread House Construction that is. We have great fun! Each student got a section to decorate.
 This was Zach's side of the house.
 This was Julia side....
 Caleb & Lance each had a top section so they both came up with how to decorate the top, so they would match. I was really impressed with what they came up with.
 Here she is in all her glory... I think this will be a tradition we will do each year now. I bought the whole kit for $10 and I believe I got a great return on my money.
The kids and I totally loved the whole process.
Along with driving around one night to look at Christmas lights, unwrapping a new Christmas book each day, our Christmas chain (counting down the days till the 25th), we will also add making a gingerbread house to our tradition list.
Does your family have any traditions you do each year at this time? 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trash to Treasure X TWO...yet again!

We were in need of two bedside tables in our Master Suite. The two VERY short tables we were using just weren't cutting it, but I really didn't feel like shelling out any money to go buy something new. So I decided to go shopping here at my own home.....I do this!

These two pieces are what I came up with:
 !0 purchase from a late fall barn sale.I was going to use it on the covered porch, but now I have found a new use for it! A missing drawer on top was fine with me, I hope to find a cute wire basket to put into that spot. Below that is an actual drawer..although I need to score a cute glass knob for it.
 This second piece is something I got when my grandpa recently passed away. It used to sit beside their bed when my grandma was still living and he continue to use it as a bedside table as well. It is an old piece, but not in super great shape. I didn't feel guilty giving it a "make-over" and making it my own.

Here is how they look after sanding, priming, painting, more sanding, and some poly to protect them:
I'm loving how they turned out and looking forward to using them for many years!
Total Makeover for TWO bedside tables: $10...all the materials I needed I had on hand

Thursday, December 8, 2011


After all that wonderful white stuff fell....the next day was so pretty......I captured a few shots!
 Sunrise: I never grow tired of a beautiful sunrise
 Such a gorgeous BLUE sky with the white contrast...LOVE IT!
Another sunrise picture...I love the unique beauty winter provides.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I decided to skip Christmas cards this year...part due to laziness, part due to the lack of preparation of getting a good picture session done. Here is a shot that was quickly taken at my in-laws house. In any case, we do wish you all a very merry HOLIDAY SEASON! I don't know about your household, but ours is really getting excited for all the celebration of OUR SAVIOR'S BIRTH!
I thought I had all my shopping done, but discovered I need to pick up a few more things. I trust all your last efforts are in full swing as well. With all the things to cross off your list, remember to really schedule in some time to just relax and ENJOY the season and all it truly represents.
Merry CHRISTmas!

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