Friday, October 29, 2010

Awana & Pie Eating...

One of the fun events that our kids look forward to eat year at AWANA is parent's night. Not because the parent's come to visit their classrooms and see what fun they are having, but because parent's night equals "Pie Eating Contest"!! Here are a few photos of the boys enjoying the night!
Lance did not continue his winning streak from last year. He picked chocolate cream pie...easy to chew yes...easy to clean up off your plate...not so much. It was still yummy though!
Caleb put on his "game face" and tried to show his pumpkin pie who was boss....
Zach is just so stinking cute! He was so excited just to be at the pie eating this year, a good time for all.

AWANA is what occupies our Wednesday nights. In case you don't know what AWANA is, let me tell you. The short version is that the kids get a book each year with Scripture verses. The memerize those Scripture verses each week and then meet together with kids their age and recite them. They also play games, have a devotion time along with saying their verses. They earn jewels as they complete sections in their books as encouragement to fill their hearts with God Word.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gene Stratton-Porter Field Trip

A few weeks ago, our home school group took a field trip to the home of Gene Stratton-Porter. Gene was a famous author, photographer, and nature lover. I think this might have been the most information field trip we've been on. We had three different tours, one of the grounds, her home, and then watched a short documentary. We enjoyed our time spent there, even though we had a chilly but beautiful day.
 Isn't this a cool looking tree? I thought so. We learned how to identify three different kinds of trees, beech, tulip, & wild cherry. Our guide was funny and the kids (and adults) really liked him.
 Here are the kids enjoying the covered porch......and appeasing mom with a group photo.
 Above: Pictures of the house.
I got some fall shots of the munchkins while we waited for the next tour to start!

Regaining Sanitity......

Well things have been really busy around here for the past 2 months. Soccer season is always very busy with three boys playing...because that equals 2 nights of the weeks for practice, Saturday morning games. Our weeks have been full to the max with other things added into the mix as well. When I enter seasons of "busy" like this I have to major prioritize what things get done. Unfortunately that means my blogging life has suffered! I am not complaining for sure I am loving what this season is life has brought to my plate, but just wanted to let you know why I have not been around much lately!

Zach had a great year, but still has a lot of work to do on focusing on the game instead of talking to his buddies! He has a great coach (the same coach as Lance) and will continue to learn more about the game each year.
Caleb had a sensational coach, a first timer, but boy did he get the award for the most motivating coach I have ever been around! I am convinced he should be a motivational speaker...
Lance had a great year also, he needs to learn to stop "thinking about the game" so much and just play it. His team only lost one game the whole season!
Most of these kids on this team have played together for several years,  we always request this coach. They played so great as a team....which is what helped them to be the 3-5 grader Champions during the tournament last Saturday.
Finally here are a few shots of a couple of us "cheerleaders". Many thanks to anyone who ventured out to watch us play each Saturday...always a good time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

When A Certain Little Girl Gets My Camera....

I was sewing (which I do in my bedroom) and Julia was playing right outside my room in her own room with her babies. Then it got a bit quiet......for a minute then I heard to talking to her babies again...I guess she was telling them how to pose for their picture she was taking with mommy's camera......which is a TOTAL N-O!!!
Since she was having so much fun and mommy had not caught her in the act at this point she decided to take a picture of her beautiful pink cat and blanket she sleeps with every her American Doll Magazine that she is constantly drooling over!
She also took many other of her toenails that are painted pink....and then others I could not tell what in the world she was trying to capture.......she had fun while it lasted. Silly GIRL!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

When You Have Three Brothers....

When you have three brothers...sometimes they have to play along! All the boys do a great job being big brothers to the only little princess in the house. However, not all of them are willing to dress up "girly" and get a photo to prove it! Caleb is smiling in this picture and playing along.....when he sees this picture as a teenager I am not sure he will feel the

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Wall completed!

Pre-Soccer season I had been working on a wall that screams "Harvest" to me! Well it is now completed, plus it has been quilted and bound...soooooo here is it.

It's an hourglass pattern, that you can a tutorial here. (This is the second tutorial of "Diary of A Quilter" that I have her!) It is actually a really easy pattern, and even easier when you use the 5" charm packs like I did.
I always like to see what fabric people use on the back....I used a fabric alreeady in the quilt (you can see the same fabric in one of the hourglass parts: bottom right). You really can't tell it by the picture, but it has little orange dots that pick up the orange border and binding great!
Here is a little glance at some of the machine quilting...I did not do this...I took it to someone. My machine I had at the time was not able to do anything like this. I do have one now though!!! (not a long arm like was used on this quilt, but a machine that will also me to do some fun things of my own.)  I wanted the hourglass to stick out when you look at the quilt, this is what she came up with. You can hardly see it but in the brown borders that surround the hourglass block she put some simple leaves on a vine.

In the orange border around the outside, I had her do these wonderful plump pumpkins with curly vines...they look wonderful and primitive! I am thirlled with how it all came together and believe it or not I also have a table runner done now, waiting to be my FIRST machine quilting victim project... I also have completed my very first QUEEN size bed quilt. I made made several twin bed quilts just never one for the Hubby and Me.....More project and pictures to come!

Winner of the Red Ape Cinnamon!

Sorry for the delay in annoucing the winner...but that's just how it goes sometimes around here!

madwoman-doing-cartwheels is the winner of the goody package from RED APE CINNAMON!

Thanks to all who entered!

Monday, October 4, 2010

TWO Free Kindle Books from Amazon!!

One of my favorite things about my Ipod Touch is loading kindle books onto it. Having a book at your fingertips, yet not having to remember to grab it on the way out the door....GENIUS!!! I saw that there on TWO books that are a free kindle download, as of this very minute. You can download a free app. (Iphone, or Ipod Touch) for kindle books in seconds if you haven't already done so.
.....thanks money saving mom for the heads up.....

Download a free copy of Gary Smalley’s book, The DNA of Relationships.

Download a free copy of First Things First by Kurt Warner.

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