Friday, October 29, 2010

Awana & Pie Eating...

One of the fun events that our kids look forward to eat year at AWANA is parent's night. Not because the parent's come to visit their classrooms and see what fun they are having, but because parent's night equals "Pie Eating Contest"!! Here are a few photos of the boys enjoying the night!
Lance did not continue his winning streak from last year. He picked chocolate cream pie...easy to chew yes...easy to clean up off your plate...not so much. It was still yummy though!
Caleb put on his "game face" and tried to show his pumpkin pie who was boss....
Zach is just so stinking cute! He was so excited just to be at the pie eating this year, a good time for all.

AWANA is what occupies our Wednesday nights. In case you don't know what AWANA is, let me tell you. The short version is that the kids get a book each year with Scripture verses. The memerize those Scripture verses each week and then meet together with kids their age and recite them. They also play games, have a devotion time along with saying their verses. They earn jewels as they complete sections in their books as encouragement to fill their hearts with God Word.


Sab said...

I always loved Awana... I'm looking forward to putting my daughter in next year for cubbies! :)

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