Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

My Practical Tip this Tuesday is about getting coupon inserts!
Okay so I have already told you about "Big City coupon inserts" and how there are always a ton more in these papers than in my small town Sunday papers. Well I used to be able to get the Chicago paper and that option is no longer an option....then I thought I could start getting the Indy star then that didn't happen as well!! Then Megan let me in on a website she found that we can purchase just the inserts from the "Big City" paper!!! I ordered my first batch of coupons you see here on Friday afternoon around noon or 1p and I got them in the mail at my house on my Monday mail!!!! I'm not sure they will always be that speedy...probably depends on the time of day you order and if that is a shipping day for her...keep that in mind! I just so happy that thanks to Megan we have discovered a way to get those inserts and have them delivered to US!!!! At Dede's site you can order coupons inserts and you order individual coupons also....I didn't check out anything else on the site yet. Her site is http://couponsDede.com
Just a little FYI, you need to become a member....which only means put in your mailing address and email address then you can look through the available items she has......also FYI if you would be so kind as to put my name (Danielle Gaerte) in the "how you found this site" box and my email address which is jdgaerte@hotmail.com then the next time I order I can get 10% off......I would be very thankful to you :)
Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday Night FUN!!!

Friday night we went out on the town to celebrate my mother in law's 50th birthday!!! So let's just say you must know up front that we love her alot in order for us to pack up our brood and go out to a sit down restaurant and contain all their excitement about the next thing we were doing for two hours no less......They all did well and sat like good little children ought to :)

As you can see Zach and Julia loved laying on their bellies and watching the ball roll down the lane!!
Daddy and I took turns holding on to "little miss Julia" because she loved wondering into other people bowling lanes, and trying to run away...and all the other things that almost 2 year olds love doing!! Aren't they so cute!!
We didn't want anyone to feel left out so grandpa got his turn with Julia too!
Bowling went great we all had a blast!!! As you can see the score stayed pretty close throughout the game. At this new bowling place you can actually tell them who you want to have the bumpers up for....so when the kids bowled the bumpers went up and then when Justin and I went they went back down....cool huh???
Lance and Caleb just had so much fun the whole night....smiling the whole time!!! They also have music playing the whole time so if they weren't bowling they were dancing....so FUN!!

It seems like at one point in the night each person in our family was one the floor...I guess I was the only one who missed out on that. Here's Caleb bowling a spare!!! He was so good I think he had three or four spare in our two games we played...

Here's Zach he was so funny to watch and watching is what we did alot when Zach went...the ball seemed to propelled itself down the lane in slow motion when he went.....he just needed to give it some more "ump" when he let go of it!! But he loved every minute so we didn't mind the delays!!

Here is Julia helping me roll the ball......

Although not the cheapest family outing, we had great fun and enjoyed our time together!!!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Kroger 10/ 10 SALE!!!

I had a great Kroger run last night!!! I got 53 for $35.2o which I thought was great!!!! Then when I inspected my receipt I found out they overcharged me for 2 of my cooking sprays so really I spent $32.50 (after I take them back to make that right.) I had two Buddig meat FREE coupons then I went to check it out they were on Managers Special for .39!!!!! So I got two of them free and then got the other 9 @ .39......love that!!!! I also got the Starkist Tuna's for 10/10 (I had a raincheck from last time.) Because of a loadable coupons on pgesavers for .25 I got two Bounty paper towels for .25 total!!! All in all my total made each item .61!!!!

So Kroger is having some great deal with the 10/10 sale!!! So check out their ad and see if there is anything you can stock up on :)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's Thursday...so time again to share something I love!!! Well by the pic you can probably tell I LOVE good smelling candles!!! I think my favorite smells for spring are lilac, gardenia, honeydew melon, and strawberry! I actually don't have any candles right now except for this "mint" candle someone gave me this weekend....I need to get some more!!!

To see more things other women love link up to Sarah's blog http://8-muddyboots.blogspot.com/

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Chocolate Boutique!!

Welcome to "The Chocolate Boutique", which is where I was Friday and Saturday for our church Women's Retreat!! I have had so much fun organizing the retreats the last two years. It was such a great time in so many ways! First of all, the decorations really made a great first impression!!! It made the space feel so warm, inviting, and pampering!!! I was not responsible for any of this except for helping to put it together...someone else came up with this whole vision, but she doesn't want me not to mention her name :)

This yummy table of goodies was right beside the registration table...we didn't want anyone to have to wait for any chocolate.
These beautiful ladies are one of the reasons our retreat went off perfectly!! It was such a joy to work with women who were equally excited about putting on a meaningful and special retreat for the women at our church. (in the front: Julie, (led all the large group sessions), Joy (she might like to decorate I'm not sure), Lindsay, (she put together an amazing cookbook for all the women!!), Tera, (led worship music), Abby (help with card stamping, games)...that's just a sample of the things the ladies did.
Here Tera in her element (Judy is helping her out). Great worship sessions Tera!!!
Here is a shot of some of the women (a little more than 40 some in all attended)!!!
Friday night we played a couple organized games....musical chairs was one of them...with a little twist...the last five women had to be blind folded and then find their chairs...did I mention those chairs moved around the room as well.....let's just say it was hilarious!!!!
OHHHHH let's not forget the giveaways!!!!! I absolutely loved this part of the retreat...every women went home with a goodie of their own choice!!!! Oh I loved watching what each women picked!!
We also did a magazine exchange....meaning women brought magazine they were done with from home and then we all picked out several to take home!!!! OHHH what fun...I love looking through magazines!!
Here is our lovely Julie (our senior pastor's wife) leading one of the large group sessions. What an honor is was to have Julie share her heart, her struggles, and her love for Christ! THANKS JULIE WE LOVE YOU!!!!
During Saturday afternoon we had some fun choosing to learn how to decorate cakes or......
learn how stamp some greeting cards......what fun we had!!!!!
I feel that our time together Glorified our Holy God and was a blessing to each woman who was able to come.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

Friday, Caleb, Lance, and myself enjoyed an afternoon at the roller skating rink!! They had a home school skating party from 1-3pm. My boys just LOVE to skate. I think this was the second or third time we've been skating..they just have a great time...no matter how many times they fall :)

Besides skating they also love getting a fun snack about half way through. They get to use $1 of their allowance to get some goodies to eat!! A great time was had by all, and I think next time I need to get out their in the action...I love to skate :)
Even though Megan isn't doing the whole link up on her blog for Practical Tip Tuesday anymore I still am having such fun with it....so I'm gonna keep going with it until I run out of things to share!!! So my tip this week is doing something out of the ordinary...like skating!!!!! It's fun, it breaks up the routine of the "still cold" months and gets everyone laughing......
So what are your ideas for doing something out of the normal routine.....Let's hear it!!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are doing at your house!!
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Two Additions to the Gaertegang!

Here is a pic of our two ADORABLE puppies....yes puppies! I know I must be crazy, but we just couldn't choose between the two of them....they are both girls. The one on the right is "Midnight" that is Zach's puppy, then the puupy on the right is "Butterscotch" she is Lance's dog!! Caleb is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a kitten that he had been wanting for a long time!!!

Aren't they cute????? We think so!!!!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Want to Earn Free Stuff?

Well I know some of you already use Swagbucks.com to earn FREE products of your choice.....but just in case you haven't hopped on board with it let me fill you in on what I am discovering! I finally took the time to go there a couple weeks ago, and I signed up. Swagbucks.com is a search engine site (instead of AOL, or GOOGLE) and you earn points for the searches you do each day.......no catch.....you earn points towards "buying" things you want!!! There is a toolbar you can download, or you can make them your homepage, or you can mark them as a favorite any way is fine just make it easy to get to so you can easily and quickly search for things! I am loving it!!! I have earned 7 points so far!!! I haven't decided what I am aiming to earn .....instead I will just keep piling up my points and look through the different things I can get the chance later :)
If this sounds like something you would like to do then go here: http://swagbuck.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=394943
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did You Notice I Was Missing????

This week I will out of my regular blogging element. I am preparing for a Women's Retreat that is going on this weekend, and I have a lot of little last minute details I have to wrap up! So my first priority will be taking care of my family, then working on retreat things will follow.....I just don't think I will be able to fit in much more. So I plan to be back next week in the full swing of things!!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for me to give you some tip worth while......This week I think it's "Put the Kids to Work!" All my kiddos have a chore chart of the things they need to do each day. At the end of each week they are given allowance for helping out and completing their work. FOr each item not completed for the week they loose a quarter. (lance get $4, Caleb $3, Zach $1) As you can they don't start with much so a quarter is a big deal and a good incentive to get their chart completed. The charts are of course different for each kid because of age and ability....Julia doesn't have a chart yet, but as you can see I still put her to work!!! I figure since she loves being on my table (although she isn't aloud on a normal basis) I will make some good use out of it! She loves being "Mommy's little hepler" and since we are usually connected at the hip I need her "help" just so I can get things done.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Week at KROGER!!

This was my haul in at Kroger this week....they are doing a MEGA sale this week....buy 10 of the certain items and then get $5 off your bill. You can do this three times in one transaction (Making it $15 off your bill.) I got 56 items total and spent $51.59!!! I got a few things that drove my price per item up like Nutmeg......$3.89 WOW!!!! (I hate buying spices) I also got frozen Mangos ($3) for a new recipe I am trying this week. Also we needed coffee $6.59 (OHHHH your killing me here!) Those items alone ate up quite a bit of money...good thing everything else was so cheap!!!

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Shannon over at http://mominin-thepeerreview.blogspot.com started a new idea today on her blog. This weekly reminder is to encourage one anotherin our marriages, and to focus on the positive things our spouses do for us each week. (No matter how small they my seem .) The truth of the matter is it is usually the small things that mean the most!

Okay so I am having a humbling moment here...stay with me on this......This week my husband brought to my attention a few things he would like to see done a bit differently. I have to admit even though I didn't say a whole lot in response to what he had to say, my heart attitude was not in the correct place. He did not say anything to me in harsh tones or in a disrespectful way at all, just simply letting me know what was on his mind. I, of course, was hurt because I felt he was implying I was not doing a "good enough job". I kinda felt like he was stepping in on my territory as far as what I am in charge of taking care of. It's funny how God works through others, like our husband, to teach us things. During our conversation he actually said, " Don't think I am telling you that your not doing a good job, because that is not what I am saying." He followed that with it's just like you telling me "Honey, you need to change the oil in the van." I am not telling him he's doing a bad job of keeping up on "his jobs" I am simply letting him know it needs done.

All that said....I really am thankful for a husband who talks with me (communication is so key). I am thankful that he was sensitive to how I might feel when he was talking to me, and that he explained himself fully. He really is my help mate, and if he doesn't "help" keep me on task on things I really do need to take care of......who will? I knew after this conversation that my "Pride" was trying to get in the way of me doing something so little to honor my husbands request in this situation. I want my actions to honor and love my husband to be a present in my daily work and attitude, because I know that's also what I would like in return.....and I know most of all that God desires that in our marriage!

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A little heads up to any of you gals needing garbage bags....I needed some and I saw that Walgreens had 13 gallon trash bag 36ct. for $3.49 and when you buy 2 this month you can get $3 back in rebate money!!!

I went in and got 2 making my total about $7 and then used a $2 register RR I had from the Vas. lotion deal last week, making my total around $5 then went home and got online for the $3 Rebate and that made my two boxes of trash bags $1 each!!!!!

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Read All About It!!!!

I found out some GREAT information yesterday which should be help to any of you wanting to get a "Big City" newspaper!!!! Maybe you didn't realize it, but there is quite a difference between the coupon quantity in the smaller town newspapers compared to say the CHICAGO or INDIANAPOLIS newspapers. Since I started couponing I have been blessed with such a helping soul who has went and picked up two Chicago papers for me and brought them to my in laws each week then they give them to me....sounds a bit complicated but actually it worked out very smoothly! The deal with the Chicago was we couldn't get home delivery because we are to far out of the region...and the only other way to get it would be for them (the newspaper) to mail it to me....which would cost between $5-$6 per paper.....WOW!!!!!! Costing me $10-$12 for two papers...not happening!!!

Soooo the point being, now Megan found out that we can get the INDY Star each week mailed to out house (we should get them on Tuesday each week). The cost will be $3.50 a paper...making the cost $7! You might be thinking that $7 for two paper sounds like a lot of money....but really I assure you it's not!!! I would say on average that the number of coupons you get in these papers is DOUBLE sometimes TRIPLE of what is in your local Sunday paper!!!!!!

Here is the info to call and start up your subscription and this is what you need to tell them!!
* You can call 1-317-444-4000 or TOLL FREE 1-888-357-7827
* Tell them you would like the SUNDAY ONLY paper
* Make sure you tell them you need it mailed to you (unless you live around Indy.)
*Also if you want 2 papers be sure you remind them to send a note to the carrier about you wanting 2 papers!

***One quick side note....there are several Sunday's a year that the newspapers don't have coupons in them...due to holidays. For example Easter Sunday will be the next no coupon Sunday.....so if you go out and buy your own papers you'll want to skip that week. So for me I don't want to get $7 worth of newspapers from Indy that I don't need. For these certain Sundays you will need to notify the paper sometime during the week and let them know you want your paper put on Vacation hold for THAT Sunday only. Otherwise they will continue to delivery the paper and charge you for it. You might still get your paper by accident...but you shouldn't be charged for it since you put it on hold. You can also put your paper on hold and manage your account, voice delivery issues online at http://MyNewspaperService.com

----Hope this information is helpful....and helps you get more bang for your buck!!-----

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Better Late Than Not At All

I thought I would let you know about another fun thing Megan at http://dailyessentialsanddeals.blogspot.com/ is starting. Every Wednesday you can link up to leave scripture encouragement or submit prayer requests so that others can be lifted up in prayer. Sounds great right???? Well I didn't get linked up yesterday...just ran out of time in my day but here it is today...

I read with Caleb the other day this little page in his Bible and thought it was great so I wanted to share it with you! This is a little "letter to God ".

Dear God,
You already know what's on my mind even before I tell it to you. But sometimes I forget, and let my problems really bother me. Then I get scared because I know I can't fix them. But you can take what I've messed up and make it right again. So I give you all my worries.
Will you help me? Help my heart feel calm when I get worried. Thank you for always doing what is right. You are a perfect God. Teach me more about your heart through this hard time. Thanks for your help.
Do not worry about everything. But pray and ask God for everything you need. And when you pray, always give thanks. Philippians 4:6

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