Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for me to give you some tip worth while......This week I think it's "Put the Kids to Work!" All my kiddos have a chore chart of the things they need to do each day. At the end of each week they are given allowance for helping out and completing their work. FOr each item not completed for the week they loose a quarter. (lance get $4, Caleb $3, Zach $1) As you can they don't start with much so a quarter is a big deal and a good incentive to get their chart completed. The charts are of course different for each kid because of age and ability....Julia doesn't have a chart yet, but as you can see I still put her to work!!! I figure since she loves being on my table (although she isn't aloud on a normal basis) I will make some good use out of it! She loves being "Mommy's little hepler" and since we are usually connected at the hip I need her "help" just so I can get things done.

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Megan said...

Great tip, I need to get better about assigning jobs. Everyone helps out but I don't have specific jobs that they do each week!


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