Friday, March 13, 2009

Shannon over at started a new idea today on her blog. This weekly reminder is to encourage one anotherin our marriages, and to focus on the positive things our spouses do for us each week. (No matter how small they my seem .) The truth of the matter is it is usually the small things that mean the most!

Okay so I am having a humbling moment here...stay with me on this......This week my husband brought to my attention a few things he would like to see done a bit differently. I have to admit even though I didn't say a whole lot in response to what he had to say, my heart attitude was not in the correct place. He did not say anything to me in harsh tones or in a disrespectful way at all, just simply letting me know what was on his mind. I, of course, was hurt because I felt he was implying I was not doing a "good enough job". I kinda felt like he was stepping in on my territory as far as what I am in charge of taking care of. It's funny how God works through others, like our husband, to teach us things. During our conversation he actually said, " Don't think I am telling you that your not doing a good job, because that is not what I am saying." He followed that with it's just like you telling me "Honey, you need to change the oil in the van." I am not telling him he's doing a bad job of keeping up on "his jobs" I am simply letting him know it needs done.

All that said....I really am thankful for a husband who talks with me (communication is so key). I am thankful that he was sensitive to how I might feel when he was talking to me, and that he explained himself fully. He really is my help mate, and if he doesn't "help" keep me on task on things I really do need to take care of......who will? I knew after this conversation that my "Pride" was trying to get in the way of me doing something so little to honor my husbands request in this situation. I want my actions to honor and love my husband to be a present in my daily work and attitude, because I know that's also what I would like in return.....and I know most of all that God desires that in our marriage!

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Mominin said...

Communication is such a key component in marriage! Prayed for you and Justin. Thanks for linking up!

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