Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Chocolate Boutique!!

Welcome to "The Chocolate Boutique", which is where I was Friday and Saturday for our church Women's Retreat!! I have had so much fun organizing the retreats the last two years. It was such a great time in so many ways! First of all, the decorations really made a great first impression!!! It made the space feel so warm, inviting, and pampering!!! I was not responsible for any of this except for helping to put it together...someone else came up with this whole vision, but she doesn't want me not to mention her name :)

This yummy table of goodies was right beside the registration table...we didn't want anyone to have to wait for any chocolate.
These beautiful ladies are one of the reasons our retreat went off perfectly!! It was such a joy to work with women who were equally excited about putting on a meaningful and special retreat for the women at our church. (in the front: Julie, (led all the large group sessions), Joy (she might like to decorate I'm not sure), Lindsay, (she put together an amazing cookbook for all the women!!), Tera, (led worship music), Abby (help with card stamping, games)...that's just a sample of the things the ladies did.
Here Tera in her element (Judy is helping her out). Great worship sessions Tera!!!
Here is a shot of some of the women (a little more than 40 some in all attended)!!!
Friday night we played a couple organized games....musical chairs was one of them...with a little twist...the last five women had to be blind folded and then find their chairs...did I mention those chairs moved around the room as well.....let's just say it was hilarious!!!!
OHHHHH let's not forget the giveaways!!!!! I absolutely loved this part of the retreat...every women went home with a goodie of their own choice!!!! Oh I loved watching what each women picked!!
We also did a magazine exchange....meaning women brought magazine they were done with from home and then we all picked out several to take home!!!! OHHH what fun...I love looking through magazines!!
Here is our lovely Julie (our senior pastor's wife) leading one of the large group sessions. What an honor is was to have Julie share her heart, her struggles, and her love for Christ! THANKS JULIE WE LOVE YOU!!!!
During Saturday afternoon we had some fun choosing to learn how to decorate cakes or......
learn how stamp some greeting cards......what fun we had!!!!!
I feel that our time together Glorified our Holy God and was a blessing to each woman who was able to come.

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Megan said...

Looks like a great time, thanks for sharing!

Carra said...

Oh too fun. I've heard many good things from your weekend. I just wish I could of been there!
Times like this make me really miss my IN. church family!
I'm so thankful that all went well!

aje said...

Oh.....I am seriously homesick now!!!! I agree with Carra, I wish I could have been there, too! Glad you had a fun time together!!! :)

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