Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday and yes time for yet another life altering, money saving, divine vision of truth....okay so maybe not all that but another tip anyway!!!! Well I had given up having a cell phone about 2 years ago. I got tired of paying almost $50 a month for a phone that I rarely used just for emergencies....more for social time...... After adding up that cost for a year that's $600 for a phone of convience!!!! So I decided when my contract was up, so was my paying $50 a month!!! Okay so I am not knocking you if you are spending that much money each month or more, I just want you to consider this "TIP". Ask yourself do I really need it...I know we all use the "I need in case of emergency" as a reason we have to have a phone....but really we all know that the number of times we use it for that reason is usually rare and far between. I also used my phone for long distance calls as well as to have in case I needed it. So when I got rid of my cell we signed for a unlimited long distance with our phone company and it only cost us $15 a month! As our family continued to grow and circumstances seem to change I found myself really wanting a cell again......but I didn't want the whole contract thing....didn't want to huge expense....and I really did only want it for die needs....not social calls......so I did some research and this is what I came up with......

First know I am no plugging this company I get nothing from it, just wanted to simply pass on information I have to maybe help out someone else!!!

I found out about virgin mobile (they operate of the Sprint cell towers) and found out I could get a phone for $10.69 (that is with tax and shipping was free) and then pay $20 every three months (which gets me 100 minutes). So that is $6.66 a month for a cell.....not bad I thought???? Also no contract, no roaming, and my minutes will roll over. I can purchase "minute packs" if I want more time each month......like for $20 a month I can get 200 minutes...and so on. If you want more info try calling their toll free number 1-888-322-1122 and request to talk to a live advisor. All my calls with this company so far have been pleasant and the process was very easy. To make things even easier for me I have my $20 every three months automatically taken from our checking.....so I don't have to remember :)

Not an option for everyone....again take it or leave.....

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Megan said...

Good Tip! That's a great price for a cell!

thanks for linking

Mominin said...

Good tip! We have tracfones which are pretty much the same thing!

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