Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery Run!!

This is a pic of my Walgreens run on Sunday...I did two transactions...actually 3 because I forgot to get milk and had to run back in :) Guess the milk didn't make the photo opt either!
First trans: 1 Colgate Max Fresh, 1 Colgate Total, 1 Walgreens-Zyr tabs, 1 Axe shampoo, 1 Blink Tears, 1 Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, 2 Revlon Matte eye shadow. Total = $23.10
I will get back $5.99 for the Axe, $3.99 for the Walgreens tabs =$9.98 + 10% = $10.97
In Register Rewards I got back $2 for the Lotion, $8 for the Blink, and $3.50 for one of the toothpaste = $13.50
Adding them together $13.50 in RR and $10.97 in Rebates = $24.47.....more than I spent! SO I GOT IT ALL FREE!!!!!
Second trans: 2 Fiber One bars, 1 Sambucol, 1 Colgate Max, 1 Colgate Total, 1 Lotion.
After coupons my total was $3.32 and I then got $2 RR for the Lotion, and $3.50 for the Colgate.
Plus I went back in for 2 gallons of milk and paid .48 after using one of my $3.50 RR!!!!!
Onto CVS now, I just picked up the free after ECB deals this week. Since I had no ECB's I had to pay $18.08 now, but I got it all back in ECB's to use next time...My CVS did not have the trial size Act Mouthwash available yet so I didn't get that this time around.

KROGER was a jackpot for me this week!!! I won't list all the items, but I will tell you I got 27 items and paid $13.52!!! I did do 2 trans. here also. I also had to get a raincheck on the Starkisk tuna, they were out and I had q's for buy 2 get 1 I will it whenever they get more!!!
(3)Free gum, free cresent and cin. rolls(5), 2 free shrimp poppers, 2 free lunch meat.

If you want to learn more on CVS and Walgreens shopping you can go to to learn.


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