Friday, March 27, 2009

Kroger 10/ 10 SALE!!!

I had a great Kroger run last night!!! I got 53 for $35.2o which I thought was great!!!! Then when I inspected my receipt I found out they overcharged me for 2 of my cooking sprays so really I spent $32.50 (after I take them back to make that right.) I had two Buddig meat FREE coupons then I went to check it out they were on Managers Special for .39!!!!! So I got two of them free and then got the other 9 @ that!!!! I also got the Starkist Tuna's for 10/10 (I had a raincheck from last time.) Because of a loadable coupons on pgesavers for .25 I got two Bounty paper towels for .25 total!!! All in all my total made each item .61!!!!

So Kroger is having some great deal with the 10/10 sale!!! So check out their ad and see if there is anything you can stock up on :)

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Tacosix said...

Hi Danielle, wanted to let you know, we went to Kroger yesterday. Between coupons and in store sales we saved 106.00!!!!!!!

I won't be feeding my family for as low as you do each month...I am feeding 7 1/2 adults who are big eaters. But thanks to you I am making great strides to feeding them for less.

Thank you for your time and effort on a wonderful retreat....

Leslie Tacosik

Megan said...

great job!

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