Friday, March 13, 2009

Read All About It!!!!

I found out some GREAT information yesterday which should be help to any of you wanting to get a "Big City" newspaper!!!! Maybe you didn't realize it, but there is quite a difference between the coupon quantity in the smaller town newspapers compared to say the CHICAGO or INDIANAPOLIS newspapers. Since I started couponing I have been blessed with such a helping soul who has went and picked up two Chicago papers for me and brought them to my in laws each week then they give them to me....sounds a bit complicated but actually it worked out very smoothly! The deal with the Chicago was we couldn't get home delivery because we are to far out of the region...and the only other way to get it would be for them (the newspaper) to mail it to me....which would cost between $5-$6 per paper.....WOW!!!!!! Costing me $10-$12 for two papers...not happening!!!

Soooo the point being, now Megan found out that we can get the INDY Star each week mailed to out house (we should get them on Tuesday each week). The cost will be $3.50 a paper...making the cost $7! You might be thinking that $7 for two paper sounds like a lot of money....but really I assure you it's not!!! I would say on average that the number of coupons you get in these papers is DOUBLE sometimes TRIPLE of what is in your local Sunday paper!!!!!!

Here is the info to call and start up your subscription and this is what you need to tell them!!
* You can call 1-317-444-4000 or TOLL FREE 1-888-357-7827
* Tell them you would like the SUNDAY ONLY paper
* Make sure you tell them you need it mailed to you (unless you live around Indy.)
*Also if you want 2 papers be sure you remind them to send a note to the carrier about you wanting 2 papers!

***One quick side note....there are several Sunday's a year that the newspapers don't have coupons in them...due to holidays. For example Easter Sunday will be the next no coupon if you go out and buy your own papers you'll want to skip that week. So for me I don't want to get $7 worth of newspapers from Indy that I don't need. For these certain Sundays you will need to notify the paper sometime during the week and let them know you want your paper put on Vacation hold for THAT Sunday only. Otherwise they will continue to delivery the paper and charge you for it. You might still get your paper by accident...but you shouldn't be charged for it since you put it on hold. You can also put your paper on hold and manage your account, voice delivery issues online at

----Hope this information is helpful....and helps you get more bang for your buck!!-----

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