Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

My Practical Tip this Tuesday is about getting coupon inserts!
Okay so I have already told you about "Big City coupon inserts" and how there are always a ton more in these papers than in my small town Sunday papers. Well I used to be able to get the Chicago paper and that option is no longer an option....then I thought I could start getting the Indy star then that didn't happen as well!! Then Megan let me in on a website she found that we can purchase just the inserts from the "Big City" paper!!! I ordered my first batch of coupons you see here on Friday afternoon around noon or 1p and I got them in the mail at my house on my Monday mail!!!! I'm not sure they will always be that speedy...probably depends on the time of day you order and if that is a shipping day for her...keep that in mind! I just so happy that thanks to Megan we have discovered a way to get those inserts and have them delivered to US!!!! At Dede's site you can order coupons inserts and you order individual coupons also....I didn't check out anything else on the site yet. Her site is http://couponsDede.com
Just a little FYI, you need to become a member....which only means put in your mailing address and email address then you can look through the available items she has......also FYI if you would be so kind as to put my name (Danielle Gaerte) in the "how you found this site" box and my email address which is jdgaerte@hotmail.com then the next time I order I can get 10% off......I would be very thankful to you :)
Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Megan said...

Glad it worked great and fast for you.. looks like you have some clipping to do!!!

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