Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Week at KROGER!!

This was my haul in at Kroger this week....they are doing a MEGA sale this 10 of the certain items and then get $5 off your bill. You can do this three times in one transaction (Making it $15 off your bill.) I got 56 items total and spent $51.59!!! I got a few things that drove my price per item up like Nutmeg......$3.89 WOW!!!! (I hate buying spices) I also got frozen Mangos ($3) for a new recipe I am trying this week. Also we needed coffee $6.59 (OHHHH your killing me here!) Those items alone ate up quite a bit of money...good thing everything else was so cheap!!!

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Jared said...

Wow Danielle! Sounds like God is really working in your heart. I'm humbled by your desire to honor Justin not only by your actions but your THOUGHTS as well. (I know, you're still trying to get over the shock that I finally made it to your web page....just re-read what I just wrote so you don't miss it...LOL....I know what you're thinking! Ha!) Remember the greatest blessing in all your learning is that you honor GOD w/ your teachable spirit and your 'follow through'! Keep it up, friend!!! You ARE doing a wonderful job as a wife and a mom! Love ya!

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