Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday Night FUN!!!

Friday night we went out on the town to celebrate my mother in law's 50th birthday!!! So let's just say you must know up front that we love her alot in order for us to pack up our brood and go out to a sit down restaurant and contain all their excitement about the next thing we were doing for two hours no less......They all did well and sat like good little children ought to :)

As you can see Zach and Julia loved laying on their bellies and watching the ball roll down the lane!!
Daddy and I took turns holding on to "little miss Julia" because she loved wondering into other people bowling lanes, and trying to run away...and all the other things that almost 2 year olds love doing!! Aren't they so cute!!
We didn't want anyone to feel left out so grandpa got his turn with Julia too!
Bowling went great we all had a blast!!! As you can see the score stayed pretty close throughout the game. At this new bowling place you can actually tell them who you want to have the bumpers up when the kids bowled the bumpers went up and then when Justin and I went they went back huh???
Lance and Caleb just had so much fun the whole night....smiling the whole time!!! They also have music playing the whole time so if they weren't bowling they were FUN!!

It seems like at one point in the night each person in our family was one the floor...I guess I was the only one who missed out on that. Here's Caleb bowling a spare!!! He was so good I think he had three or four spare in our two games we played...

Here's Zach he was so funny to watch and watching is what we did alot when Zach went...the ball seemed to propelled itself down the lane in slow motion when he went.....he just needed to give it some more "ump" when he let go of it!! But he loved every minute so we didn't mind the delays!!

Here is Julia helping me roll the ball......

Although not the cheapest family outing, we had great fun and enjoyed our time together!!!
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Genesa said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! A great memory for all of you!

Megan said...

looks like you had fun!!

Carra said...

Too fun!
Your kiddos are gettn so big. :(

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