Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mid Week Funny!

(This pic is of Lance taken February 09')
Okay so when it rains....or if we have mountains of snow that melts at one time, our side yard will flood. Of course our boys think that the water is a spontanious pond that appears and that the pond would naturally have fish in it right????

So bundled up he went outside to "fish"...even got a couple bites he said but they got away!

(Pic taken this week...Zach to the left, Lance, then Caleb)
So with all the rain we have constantly had in the last 5 days they were all back at it again.......We had more water this more fish right???? I just try really hard not to laugh and listen to their "fish stories" about nearly catching the whopper!!!


Genesa said...

That is great! Too funny!

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