Monday, August 31, 2009

Winners of the Complete Laundry System/Dryer Balls!

Congrats to the following winners of ONE YEAR DRYER BALLS.....

Carra (OHHHH man she is getting blessed with her third win of a giveaway from Gaertegang)


I have sent you all an email...please respond in 48 hours.....Thanks to all who entered!!!
If you haven't already enter my GREEN TOYS GIVEAWAY ENDING SEPT.2nd at NOON!!



Winners ofGreat Homeschool Shirts!

CONGRATS to Carra!!! She is the winner of the Great Homeschool Shirts Giveaway!!
Remember they are still running their $5.99 T-shirt special through September don't forget to run over and check them all out...just do it now!!!
Thanks to all who took the time to enter....



Friend Making Monday!

This is my first time participating in "Friend Making Monday". I loved the idea of getting to know others (and you getting to know me) better......20 Questions!!!

1. Do you cook every night?
That is a YES for me! We eat at home as a rule.....I always try to cook extra when I make a meal in order for me to get two suppers, which gives me a night off of cooking. We are a left-over loving family.....

2. What kind of laundry soap do you use?
I have been using the complete laundry system as of late....but before that I used Tide or ALL. I have been experimenting with only using 1/2 the amount recommended of detergent to see if it still cleans the clothes.....When researching the complete laundry system I found out that H2O alone actually cleans 98% (or something close to that) I thought the actual amount of detergent I need to use should be pretty minimal. So maybe consider trying out using smaller amount so detergent to stretch it farther, which in turn saves some money also!!

3. Do you do laundry everyday or loads at a time?
Well I have actually done it both ways...depending on the season of life I am in. Right now I am making it an everyday thing. 1-2 loads a day and that has been working well and I don't feel overloaded with a crowded laundry room.

4. How often do you eat out?
Not very often. I would day once or twice a month is the normal for us. Also to clarify we usually would do a drive through....or get some pizza and eat it at home. It seems to be easier to do with the 4 kiddos. I love that we get to kick back and relax and eat at home....with mom getting the night off from the kitchen

5. Where do you usually eat out?
Well no one certain place all the time....We love to eat at small "hole-in-the-wall" places. No waiting, most always great food without the sticker shock prices on the menu. Since Justin travels daily within a one hour radius of our house, he finds these neat little places to eat with his customers, then he takes me there to visit some of these places on our date nights........speaking of date night I could really use one!!!!...hint.....hint!!!

6. Favorite Retail store?
I would have to say Target...although I don't have one really close (about a 35 min drive)....I love to go when I get the chance....I love their Shabby Chic line!!!!

7. Favorite drink?
Well on an everyday coffee....I look forward to sitting and sipping on my coffee each morning as I read my Bible. I never used to drink coffee until about Feb. of this year.....but with 4 kids I have found what a difference some caffeine in the morning can make! I must add that my coffee has LOTS of sugar in it and my favorite French Vanilla Coffeemate creamer!

8. Do you take vitamins? If so what kind?
Nope...I always did when I was pregnant or nursing.....but then it seems to fall by the waste-side......I probably should....

9. What % of the household chores do you do?
Well I guess I have never figured it up that way......I do a good portion of them...but Justin is always a willing helper whenever I ask him...sometimes even when I don't ask (BONUS!)

10. Do your kids do chores?
Well that seems like a no-brainier to me!! YESSSSS!!!! How can I better teach my kids responsibility and accountability? Each child has a daily list of chores they are in charge of completing...even Julia has a few things she always helps mommy with :)

11. Do you attend church?
YEP!!! Just as important as church, we also attend Sunday School......what a great gift it has been to be a part of a church that "teaches biblical truth" in a comfortable small environment. We are thankful for the growth we have experienced through learning so much by attending each week...even when sometimes we would rather stay in bed and sleep in. It is always worth it and we are ALWAYS glad we push ourselves out of bed and getting out to the door to worship our creator!

12. Do you use a housework schedule?
YES.....I find if I keep myself and my household organized it runs much smoother....not perfect mind you...but with much more efficiency and less stress. Everyone knows what is expected and what to expect next.....

13.Do you keep a working budget?
I think most of you know the answer again is YES!!! BOTTOM LINE: If we don't we get lazy!! Even with good intentions and being frugal...if you don't track your spending you don't hold yourself accountable......

14. What do you do at night as a family?
EVERYTHING.....we are pretty much always together.....riding bikes...working in garden...working in the garage with dad or grandpa....playing on the swings...taking a walk....if we can be outside then we are.....We are an outdoor kind of family!

15. How do you prepare for the week?
I meal plan...I check the calendar every Sunday afternoon so we all know what is coming in the week ahead and can be ready for it...I like to blog and schedule my post for a week at a time....which doesn't always happen.....then anything I add to my daily posts is BONUS!

16. What does your morning look like?
7:15a wake up
730-8a Quiet time, coffee
8-830a get ready for the day, breakfast, kitchen clean-up
9a start Lance with school work
915-945a quick de-clutter of the house, start laundry, switch dishes
950a-10:15a pre-school time with Zach (usually Julia sits in also)
10:20a-11a finish chores, switch laundry again, go through mail, ect
11a-1130a free time...usually reading with the younger kids or a game or outside time
1145a start lunch prep
12-1230p lunch, clean up, sweeping under the table
younger two nap after lunch and then I read aloud a chapter with the older two and then school Caleb while Lance continues with his work.

17. What time do you get up?
Well I answered that above around 7am....probably should be 630a I just can't seem to push myself out of bed then....

18. What time do you go to bed?
Justin and I aim for 10p......sometimes it creeps to 1030p....

19. How do you manage all the paperwork that floods you house?
I have a file cabinet where I keep paid bills, insurance, monthly expense stuff, and all that.
I have a basket where I keep bills until they are paid....then they get filed.
I open mail daily and recycle all the junk first thing so it never has the chance to pile up and lay around.

20. How do you keep your house organized?
With a lot of effort!!!! I only wish it would just naturally happen, but reality says there is no way it can without a major effort and plan on my part. I am an organized person by nature and by choice also. To me I firmly believe a house that is well maintained in routine, and has orderly manner to it is essential FOR ME!!! I know not everyone functions this way....but I know I DO!!! We do stray from routine sometimes....but as a rule, we like a schedule :)



"Boys" Weekend #2

Not this past weekend, but a week ago, Caleb and Justin took off to another Bluegrass Festival. Instead of Michigan they headed to OHIO. Caleb was so excited to get his chance to have Dad all to himself! For some reason, not many photos were taken, but they had lots of fun!! On the first night they actually got rained on a bit...Dad woke up to a wet sleeping bag.....nothing a little sun wouldn't dry out!
The festival was all indoors this go around.....Here is one of the many bands they enjoyed..



Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walgreens/CVS this week!

Here is what I got at Walgreens already this week!

1st trans.
Colgate 360 toothbrush
Glade 2oz. candle
2 Kraft cups of Mac & Cheese
Iceland water
Rembrance toothpaste
Mens razor system
Carefree Panty liners
-89 coupon for FREE snickers
-.99 coupon for FREE Iceland water
-1.19 (b1G1 coupon) Mac & Cheese
-.60 for in-store ad for Mac & Cheese
-2.50 for FREE Glade candle
tax was $1.22
TOTAL 15.78
I received RR for several things I bought!!!
$2 RR carefree liners
$4 RR for Men's razor
$5 Remb. toothpaste
$2 for toothbrush

2 Trans.
2 milks
2 Coffeemate
Walgreens diaper
Walgreens wipes
-$1.00 Coffeemate coupon
-$2 RR
-$4 RR
-$5 RR
tax .73
TOTAL $3.19

Just shy of $16 for 15 items....GREAT since that included a pack of diapers, wipes, Coffeemate creamers!!!!

CVS~~~ I had no ECB's left after stopping and printing off some pictures last week, so I only stopped in for a second to grab...

1 Milk
Glade candle
Bounce Laundry Bar
Huggies wipes
-.75 for wipes
-$2.50 Bounce bar
-$3.00 Candle
tax $1.01
TOTAL $11.22 with 8 ECB back

ECB's I got back
$6.99 for the candle
$1 milk
$1 Bounce Bar



Friday, August 28, 2009


Just a quick reminder to enter my THREE giveaways going on right now!! Two out of the three end this weekend!!!!

Have a relaxing weekend and check in with me on Monday to see if your one of the winners!!!



Thursday, August 27, 2009


I love all my sunflowers!!
Purple aster add a real splash of color to the end of the summer!!!
Rose Sharron...I would love to transplant this bush somewhere that people can see it...I just haven't been brave enough to try it yet....
Morning Glory...I have some covering my mail box also....Love the great purple color!

I think I have some cosmos getting ready to start you guessed it..more pics to come...

ALSO put on your calendars SEPT. 19th at 930AM Perennial Flower Exchange Party!!! If you live near me and are interested in joining in on the ME!!!! I will send you the info you need to know all the details!!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mid-Week Funny!!!

Oh this is my little sweet Julia....In case you live on some other planet and you are unaware of the fact that she is my only girl...after 3 great boys.....than you know she might just be a bit on the, shall we say "spoiled" side. Not the bratty spoiled kind...just used to having mommy to herself often, being held a lot....that sort of thing......loves having my attention and being wherever I am at all times!!!
So we've been having a little bedtime issue here for the past month. When she is laid down for her nap and bedtime she doesn't stay there for long......down the stairs she comes...up the stairs I take her....and we do this at least twice to ten times......This never used to be an issue, but it is now! I know there is no other reason than....she is seeing what she can get away with.....but we have been very firm with this issue and for some reason she is not a fast learner in this area.
So here is what we found when we went to bed one night....after several daddy confrontations of not staying in her bed.......
Sleeping at the bottom of the stairs...we have a door at the bottom of the stairs. Funny that she thought she needed to come down the stairs, but not go through the door, because that would warrant another "daddy confrontation."
Then that next afternoon I waited 10 minutes after putting her in bed and thought...."Great I haven't heard anything she must have actually stayed in her bed...." I open the door and find this! Sound asleep already.....and yes I notice she is in the same clothes as the night before.....guess we didn't get her out of her sleeping clothes till after nap...Hmmm well that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes at our house! I am sure that never happens at your house though.......Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Final Seeking Financial Freedom

Now that we have made it through the book.....
(aka: The Money Map)

Destination ONE:
SAVE $1,000 for Emergencies

Destination TWO:
Pay off Credit Cards
Increase SAVINGS to One month's living expenses

Destination THREE:
Pay off ALL consumer debt
Increase SAVINGS to 3-6 month's living expenses

Destination FOUR:
Begin saving for major purchases (home, auto,ect)
Begin saving for retirement
Begin saving for children's education
If you want to start your own business, begin saving

Destination FIVE:
Buy affordable home
Begin to prepay mortgage
Begin to invest wisely

Destination SIX:
Home mortgage PAID OFF!!!!
Children's retirement FUNDED!!!
Confirm estate plan is in order

My retirement is FUNDED!!
I am FREE to volunteer my time working for the LORD!!!

Well that is it, we finally made it through the whole journey.....I hope you have learned something helpful along the way! I would love to hear any comment or testimonies about anything that has happened as a result of being faithful stewards....Leave me a comment or send me an email!!!



New Picture of the Kids!

I really needed to take some recent pictures of the kids...I know I take pics all the time, but posed pics...ya know the ones most people actually go somewhere and have done....Well you know that I am!!! I decided to take their pics myself and then go have what ever enlargements I needed done at CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. Before we started I told the kids we had to do "good serious" pics first then they got to do some silly poses.......So I will only share this not so posed pic with you actually is one of my fav....I love all the smiling and laughing from Julia and Lance!
Lance, 3rd grade, 8 Years Old....although I don't know how he is 8 already?
Caleb, 1st grade, 6 Years Old
Zach, Pre-School, 4 Years Old
Julia, 2 Years little helper!

So now all I have to do it make the time to go get the pics enlarged and distributed.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Making Memories That Last...

Justin and Lance took off two Friday mornings ago and headed to a bluegrass festival in Michigan. Lance was completely filled with excitement at the idea of "just him and Dad going " e off on an adventure together! Above is a pic of the stage area.....
Since it seemed silly to pull the camper (and the diesel drinking truck) up the road 3 hours for just the two of them they decided to "tent it".....Hubby even rigged up a little tarp awning so they could get in the shade if need be....
Here is a shot of Lance hanging out watching some music...
Here is the boys taking some time for some chess...and a snack
A shot of the crowd....also enjoying the music....
This was Lance's favorite band "The Grascals"...the woman in the group is their banjo player (which is the instrument that Lance plays)....she is Bluegrass's reigning Banjo player of the year...
This is hubby (he said he looks dorky with his old cruddy long-sleeve shirt on) with Rhonda Vincent...really great band...we saw them about 8 years ago at a festival near by...
Well this is on their second night of watching music till midnight....Lance had heard enough, he thought sleeping sounded like a better idea....

I am so thankful that I have a husband who is so excited about making memories with our boys. I really couldn't tell you who had more fun Justin or Lance. What a special time for them to really bond away from all the other distractions of GREAT times!!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Homeschool Shirts GIVEAWAY!

Well thanks to Kris I found out about this great site that offers some fun products! They offer totes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and bumpersticker catering to the home school family!! I loved looking through all the designs they have to offer and right now you can buy a T-SHIRT for $5.99!!!!! I am thinking these would be really great stocking stuffers for my kiddos!!! The $5.99 sale ends on September 10th...So hurry now to get the shirts you want!!!

Here are a few that caught my eye.....(I think Julia would look good in this one!)
I think all my boys would LOVE this one!!!!

Great Homeschool Shirts has offered to giveaway this shirt!!! (white, adult small)

DEADLINE for entries is AUGUST 29th, 2009 at NOON!!!

WAYS TO WIN!!! Leave a seperate comment for each entry item!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I made the Twitter Leap!!

Well I did it!! I am a newbie of twitter!! Don't ask me how to navigate anything at this point...because I am really still clueless at this stage in the game....So I am going to give you a chance to educate first issue I can't upload a says my pic is to how do I make it smaller if I don't have any fancy photo shop stuff?

What are the must know things I need to know? Are you on twitter...leave me a link so I can follow you!!! You can now follow me by clicking here!

BTW : You can also add another entry to each one of my giveaways if you follow me on! twitter.....

FREE POSTER from Walgreens!

Walgreens is running a special on their 11x14 posters that sell for $9.99. If you enter the code FREEPOSTER when you check out all you end up paying is $1.99 (for S&H) plus .14 for tax! So for a total of $2.14 you get a poster delivered to your home in 3-5 days...GREAT DEAL I would say!!

Above is the pic I chose for my poster.......can't wait to get it!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

GREEN Toys Review/Giveaway

GREEN TOYS generously sent the Gaertegang two products to review! First I wanted to share some details about this company that drew me to their site!!!
MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (keeping American that!!)
Environmentally friendly: Toys are made from recycled milk jugs!!!!! SO COOL!
SHIPPING: Even their product are sent in recycled materials...NICE!!

The sand play set is the first item my four year old got to check out!!! Zach was very excited as soon as he saw to the sand box he went!!! I will tell you plastic toys don't usually last long around here with three boys in tow...but these product from the GREEN TOY company are totally different!!!!!!!!! I was defiantly impressed with the durable qualities they have. This set is not bendy and flexy (Are those real words??? Well if not, they are here!) and easily broken. I would highly recommend it to anyone !
LOVE the jump rope as well..Nice durable rope....same with the hearty handles! The boys are excited about learning jump rope....Mommy is getting a kick out of watching them get the hang of it....and if I can keep them from using this great durable jump to tie one another up I will declare it a complete victory!

Seriously these are absolute top quality products. If you have little ones that you are buying toys for you, consider these reasonably priced toys that are going to last. Not only will you feel good about getting great products, but you can feel good about supporting a company who makes recycled products.....IN AMERICA!!!!!

Now for the giveaway portion!! Green Toys has offered to give a reader of Gaertegang one of their great jump ropes!!! (Open to Us only)

DEADLINE for entries will end at NOON on September 2, 2009

Here are the ways you can enter ( Leave a separate comment for each entry)

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5. How many kids are you buying gifts for at Christmas? (Including my own :6)
6. Follow me on Twitter!


Home School Idea

As most of you are aware, we home school our kids, and we started school earlier this month. Well, I was thinking today of some different ideas I could do throughout the year to keep our days fun, and everyone's attitude (including mom) on the positive side. During our school days we are very structured. I think it needs to be, because number one mommy needs her sanity and order to keep everyone on task and us working to achieve the educational goals of the day. Reason number two, if things aren't under wraps I never know who is doing what or where they are in their day's work, the things they are struggling with, ect. My children do plenty of independent work, but I also like to have my hands very involved in what they are learning...I think we all benefit from this approach. On the other hand there is only ONE of me and 4 of them, so a time structured approach to our day works well for us! Enough rambling already, the idea I came up with was "NO WORK-sheet Wednesday!" AKA: Sneak in FUN educational stuff, without them realizing they are schooling!
I don't know about your kids and their school work, but we do our share of worksheets in a day. No matter your approach a break in the regular routine is a good thing once in a while. So on this WEDNESDAY I am going to give it a whirl. My approach to this idea is somewhere in this realm: I will have the kids complete each subject that they normally do each day just eliminate the worksheet part and input something FUN (anything apart from worksheets). I think this will be a great chance for me to get out all those great flashcards that I have (laminated and all!) and actually use them more often. Along with the million other FUN things we have in the school cabinet that we never "get-to". We will do more things orally, maybe even throw in some history on CD, books on tape.......I am not totally sure how our day will look at this point, these are just some of things I am thinking of trying out this week. I am hoping that this day will really help us in keeping the FUN in school and not everyone feeling like every day is the same old thing. While I am all for routine, and order I think this idea; if implemented the right way will reap many good benefits...

So come on tell me what you think? Do you already do something like this in your home school days?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ahhh Tomatoe worms!!

I went out to my garden, and what did I find? TOMATOE WORMS eating away at my ever riping crop...Grrrrrr! I pulled three of those fat things off of my plants....Ohhh so yucky!!! I picked the ones that were ripe or almost ripe and now I am hoping they don't eat to much until I can dust them!!!! I think that is what I need to do....

So my week is sure to entail some tomatoe juice making and de-tomatoe worming (I know it's not a real term...but I love making up my own stuff around here!) More school action is also on the agenda...not sure about much else.....



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Complete Laundry System Review/Giveaway

Call your mama, email your girlfriends, Facebook your friends, Twitter till your heart is content...point being everyone needs to know about this giveaway...and better yet how to get their hands on this amazing product!!!!!
As you can tell, I can't even begin to explain to you how excited I was to get to test the COMPLETE LAUNDRY SYSTEM. Well actually maybe I can explain it to you......
This honestly is a must have product because it makes sense in so many ways for everyone to get the scientific explanation on how this system works go here...they explain it better than I can. Here is what else I can tell you:
The first thing you need to know is that you can throw out your know that expensive stuff that breaks the budget every time you have to buy.....because you don't need it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! If that fact alone does not grab your attention, I do not know what will....there is more! I really wanted to give this system a run for it's money the first time I used I used it on smoke smelling, dirty clothes from our weekend of camping. I was really blown away that when I pulled the clothes from the washer the smelled smoke free and were totally clean.........WOW!!!!! I could go on and on about how everyone really needs one of these systems....Let me tell you the cost of the system is just shy of $50.00! I know that is would be easy for even a small family to justify buying this product paid. It would pay for itself in no time, by not having to buy detergent anymore!!!

So are you ready to win one? Silly question.....of course you are!!!!

You can choose one of the following to do to enter, or do all of them and increase your chances of winning!!! Remember you have to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Fern, at Mystic Wonders Inc, has been such a pleasure to work with and she has generously offered several prizes for you all to WIN!!

Winners 2,3,4,&5: DRYER BALLS

Deadline for entries is August 30th, 2009 at NOON!!! (US entries only)

1. Visit here and tell me an interesting fact you learned.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming SOON!!

I am excited to be starting TWO new giveaways for all the gartegang readers!!!!! You will not want to miss out......really they are that GOOD!! So stay tuned.....Have a great weekend!


Fun in the Sun!

A couple of weeks ago it the boys decided we really needed a painting day....they ask me all the time, but we usually never get to it. So this day we made it happen! I used the bottom of my left over egg cartons to make the paint worked great...

Zach had a great time! Sad to admit but I think this was his first time finger painting...

Lance is my perfectionist! Since we decided to use our fingers it took him awhile to get his picture just how he wanted it....
This was his final product!
Caleb kept saying how much fun he was having!
This is his final product...
Julia and I had fun painting a picture...Actually I did most of the picture you can see she was more concerned with painting her toes than the paper.....Can you tell she likes her toes painted? Yep, I indulge her is doing so!!!

Speaking of painting toes....tomorrow (8/15/09) is the last day to take advantage of the Piggy Paint discount (15% off everything..including sale items)!!!!! If you want to check out what is currently on sale, use the gaertegang discount code (GGANG15L) and get free shipping (when you spend $25) then visit Piggy Paint NOW!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

After almost 7 years of waiting.....

After almost 7 years of waiting I finally have my picket fence!!!When we moved into our house, the pasture where they used to have horses had a run down coral where they worked the horses....The posts we leaning the boards where a mess, so we torn it down and kept the lumber in case we wanted to recycle it into another project.....Well I always thought taking the boards and ripping them down the middle and then cutting them to size and putting those picket points on them would be a great way to reuse the wood!!! Well it took awhile for it to happen, but better late then NEVER!
Hubby and my great father-in-law took care of ripping the boards and put the points on the end. Then the next day I built the fence sections....oh so fun....Then I decided I would paint the fence BLACK. I know...I know....white is much more traditional, but I was going for a different look. I loved the thought of planting some bright flowers by the fences and seeing those colors really pop with the black fence as their background...
With all the prep work done in building the fence, now we were ready to set the post (also recycled from the horse coral) so we could mount our fence to them.....Here is our little helper Julia! Grandma and Grandpa Gaerte took the boys to a special Indian Pow Wow and Julia stayed behind and helped out with the project!
Okay so a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for my STRONG hubby who had to dig all 5 of the post holes with this old school digger!
Here is a view of the finished product! Now I get to figure out what kind of flowers to plant in front of and behind it....... THANKS HONEY for all your great help!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seeking Financial Freedom Part 16

Welcome if you are visiting us for the first time here on Wednesdays!! If you want to start at the beginning of this series click on Seeking Financial Freedom on the right hand side of the will have to scroll down a bit to find it....

PERSPECTIVE****What's really important?*****

Thanks for joining us this Wednesday!! Perspective is the subject this week! Here are a few highlights from the chapter.

Solomon, the author of Ecclesiastes, had an annual income of more than $25 million. He lived in a palace that took 13 years to build. He owned 40,000 stalls of horses. He sat on an ivory throne overlaid with gold. He drank from gold cups. The daily menu of his household included 100 sheep and 30 oxen in addition to fallow-deer and fatted fowl.
Obviously, Solomon was in a position to know whether money would bring happiness, and he did not hesitate to say that riches do not bring true happiness."He who loves money shall never have enough. The foolish of thinking that wealth brings true happiness! The more you have, the more you spend, right up to the limits of your income." Ecclesiastes 5:10-11

Money will buy:
A bed but not sleep.;
Books but not brains;
Food but not an appetite;
A house but not a home;
Medicine but not health;
Amusement but not happiness;
A crucifix but not a Savior.

IS MONEY EVIL? (p148-149)

Money is not evil. It is morally neutral. Money can be used for good, such as supporting missionaries or building hospitals. Is also can be used for evil, such as financing illegal drugs and pornography.
Examine closely 1 Timothy 6:10 "The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil." The Bible does not condemn money itself, only the misuse of or a wrong attitude toward money.

Some Christians embrace one of two extremes. Some say if you are really spiritual, you must be poor because wealth and a close relationship with Christ can not exist. The second and opposite extreme is the belief that if a Christian has faith, he or she will enjoy uninterrupted financial prosperity.
However we have already said that money is morally neutral and can be used for good and evil.

More importantly take a look at three reason why the godly may not prosper.

you may giving generously, but acting dishonestly. You may be honest but not fulfilling your work responsibilities. You may be a faithful employee but head-over-heel in debt. You may be debt free but not giving.
Romans 5:3-4 reads, "Tribulation brings about perseverance, and perseverance, proven character."
Hebrews 11:1-35 list people who triumphed miraculously by exercising their faith in the living God. But in verse 36 the writer directs our attention abruptly to godly people who lived by faith and gained God's approval, yer were poor. The Lord ultimately chooses how much to entrust each person. And sometimes we simply can't understand or explain His decisions.

COMMITMENT: I will consistently study the Bible to maintain God's perspective on money and possessions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garden Update!

This is a shot of all my tomatoes coming on! I think there is gonna be a great deal of salsa, spaghetti sauce, and tomatoe juice that come out of this patch!
I harvested the last of my cabbage this weekend...I made two batches of colesaw to take to two different gatherings on Sunday!
Here is a shot of my strawberry starts are sending out runners like crazy...Mmmm I can almost taste the strawberries for next year. Here is my corn of course.....I planted two differents late....but I planted these in June, after my first batch of seeds never came up. I think I will get one more picking of green beans before I pull the plants....I think I will just freezer what I get this round instead of canning them.....

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