Monday, August 17, 2009

Home School Idea

As most of you are aware, we home school our kids, and we started school earlier this month. Well, I was thinking today of some different ideas I could do throughout the year to keep our days fun, and everyone's attitude (including mom) on the positive side. During our school days we are very structured. I think it needs to be, because number one mommy needs her sanity and order to keep everyone on task and us working to achieve the educational goals of the day. Reason number two, if things aren't under wraps I never know who is doing what or where they are in their day's work, the things they are struggling with, ect. My children do plenty of independent work, but I also like to have my hands very involved in what they are learning...I think we all benefit from this approach. On the other hand there is only ONE of me and 4 of them, so a time structured approach to our day works well for us! Enough rambling already, the idea I came up with was "NO WORK-sheet Wednesday!" AKA: Sneak in FUN educational stuff, without them realizing they are schooling!
I don't know about your kids and their school work, but we do our share of worksheets in a day. No matter your approach a break in the regular routine is a good thing once in a while. So on this WEDNESDAY I am going to give it a whirl. My approach to this idea is somewhere in this realm: I will have the kids complete each subject that they normally do each day just eliminate the worksheet part and input something FUN (anything apart from worksheets). I think this will be a great chance for me to get out all those great flashcards that I have (laminated and all!) and actually use them more often. Along with the million other FUN things we have in the school cabinet that we never "get-to". We will do more things orally, maybe even throw in some history on CD, books on tape.......I am not totally sure how our day will look at this point, these are just some of things I am thinking of trying out this week. I am hoping that this day will really help us in keeping the FUN in school and not everyone feeling like every day is the same old thing. While I am all for routine, and order I think this idea; if implemented the right way will reap many good benefits...

So come on tell me what you think? Do you already do something like this in your home school days?


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