Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Picture of the Kids!

I really needed to take some recent pictures of the kids...I know I take pics all the time, but posed pics...ya know the ones most people actually go somewhere and have done....Well you know me...cheap-o that I am!!! I decided to take their pics myself and then go have what ever enlargements I needed done at CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. Before we started I told the kids we had to do "good serious" pics first then they got to do some silly poses.......So I will only share this not so posed pic with you first..it actually is one of my fav....I love all the smiling and laughing from Julia and Lance!
Lance, 3rd grade, 8 Years Old....although I don't know how he is 8 already?
Caleb, 1st grade, 6 Years Old
Zach, Pre-School, 4 Years Old
Julia, 2 Years Old...my little helper!

So now all I have to do it make the time to go get the pics enlarged and distributed.....


carra said...

Love the new pix,
It's hard to believe that they are that old alredy!!!

Anonymous said...

i would like the picture with all of them in it and smiling nice! just a regular size pic for me.

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