Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Justin's Month To Plan.....

As some of you might remember this is my hubby's month to meal plan and shop for groceries....upon his request! Needless to say I didn't argue with the proposition! (GRINS) I have to admit I was a bit worried with what he would come up with. On Monday he stopped on his way home to get some groceries so we would actually have some food around here to eat!!! Aldi's was the only stop he made, in the pic above, and the total was $77.60 for 96 items. Just in case inquiring minds want to know what meals we are having for the next couple weeks her is the list we came up with so far.....Did you notice I said "WE"......It has been a bit of a group effort...which is entirely okay with me!!!!! To explain a little more, he went shopping with NO meal number one....and with no grocery number two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In his defense, it all worked out just fine this go around.

Here is what we are eating around the Gaerte household:

Pancakes with our new blueberry jam.....ohhhh so yummy!!!, sausage
peanut butter toast or sugar toast with a yogurt cup..ever had sugar toast?
hearty oatmeal muffins (I made a double batch (about 30 muffins) of these Tuesday night )
sunny-side up eggs, toast

frozen pizza with a can of veggies
mac & cheese with hot dogs, a can of fruit
he bought three different kinds of soup
PB&J sand. with apples slices, chips
Grilled hot dogs, fruit, pretzels

Homemade meatballs in BBQ sauce and a can of chunked pineapples, veggie, homemade fries
Tacos with all the fixings
Chilli, butter bread
Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes, corn
Hamburger helper (Hubby loves not so much),veggie
Sloppy Joes, homemade fries, bake beans
(leftover sloppy joes) each person can make their own Pizza: I am toasting hamb. buns then letting each person build their own idea from my mom!
Meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans
Fried Bluegill (fish), bake beans, peas
Hamburger on the grill, corn, chips

Well that is it for now with the meals we have planned! I really can't tell you what a blessing it has been to have Justin help me with the shopping, and contribute some ideas to me on meals. It obviously is much easier to only have to do part of this process instead of the entire thing by myself! I also think it has been great for him to see how much time and energy I do put into planning, shopping, then carrying out the meal plans I come up with......double blessing wouldn't you say?
Here is a funny comment he made when you came home from shopping, "WOW!! I can quickly see that meat can kill a budget! By us having our own meat in the freezer really saves us a bundle each month! Meals that we can for under $2, others would have that just in the meat......." This is a comment I already knew the truth to...he did too I think but when you are playing the "let's feed our family for cheap but still feed them well game" it really brings all the little details to light!


Genesa said...

Way to go Justin! Looks good!

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