Friday, August 7, 2009

What's a Girl To Do?

I sent Julia outside with Lance for a few minutes on Wednesday....then called them in for lunch. This is what I found! A little girl surrounded with duck tape and cardboard...and a smile on her face. Lance added the fat at the last second as I took her pic...he thought it was a nice touch for the photo.
So I sent them outside just to take off the tape and come back in well in those 2 minutes...he strapped this to you can see, although she must have been willing enough to participate she might not be sure what is going on with this thing taped to her backside! As you can see: NEVER A DULL MOMENT AT THE GAERTEGANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A side note: Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for us this week as we started our school year! I can truly say what a blessing that was to us! Our week has been so incredibly great, with a calmness and peaceful feeling throughout our busy days........I am not sure about you all, but this is not the norm around here. I am reminded how much my kids love structure and schedules...and me to...we thrive so much better when we have a very detailed plan to our days. I ask you to continue to pray for us and all the other home school families starting school, as well as all the other kiddos who will start back to school within the next 3 weeks! BLESSINGS!


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