Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mid-Week Funny!!!

Oh this is my little sweet Julia....In case you live on some other planet and you are unaware of the fact that she is my only girl...after 3 great boys.....than you know she might just be a bit on the, shall we say "spoiled" side. Not the bratty spoiled kind...just used to having mommy to herself often, being held a lot....that sort of thing......loves having my attention and being wherever I am at all times!!!
So we've been having a little bedtime issue here for the past month. When she is laid down for her nap and bedtime she doesn't stay there for long......down the stairs she comes...up the stairs I take her....and we do this at least twice to ten times......This never used to be an issue, but it is now! I know there is no other reason than....she is seeing what she can get away with.....but we have been very firm with this issue and for some reason she is not a fast learner in this area.
So here is what we found when we went to bed one night....after several daddy confrontations of not staying in her bed.......
Sleeping at the bottom of the stairs...we have a door at the bottom of the stairs. Funny that she thought she needed to come down the stairs, but not go through the door, because that would warrant another "daddy confrontation."
Then that next afternoon I waited 10 minutes after putting her in bed and thought...."Great I haven't heard anything she must have actually stayed in her bed...." I open the door and find this! Sound asleep already.....and yes I notice she is in the same clothes as the night before.....guess we didn't get her out of her sleeping clothes till after nap...Hmmm well that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes at our house! I am sure that never happens at your house though.......Happy Wednesday!!


Jenny said...

Isn't that sweet?

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