Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Final Seeking Financial Freedom

Now that we have made it through the book.....
(aka: The Money Map)

Destination ONE:
SAVE $1,000 for Emergencies

Destination TWO:
Pay off Credit Cards
Increase SAVINGS to One month's living expenses

Destination THREE:
Pay off ALL consumer debt
Increase SAVINGS to 3-6 month's living expenses

Destination FOUR:
Begin saving for major purchases (home, auto,ect)
Begin saving for retirement
Begin saving for children's education
If you want to start your own business, begin saving

Destination FIVE:
Buy affordable home
Begin to prepay mortgage
Begin to invest wisely

Destination SIX:
Home mortgage PAID OFF!!!!
Children's retirement FUNDED!!!
Confirm estate plan is in order

My retirement is FUNDED!!
I am FREE to volunteer my time working for the LORD!!!

Well that is it, we finally made it through the whole journey.....I hope you have learned something helpful along the way! I would love to hear any comment or testimonies about anything that has happened as a result of being faithful stewards....Leave me a comment or send me an email!!!




Sab said...

Wow. The financial freedom sounds good. Is that a book you read or something? I think we would be on Destination 5... although buying a home isn't really an option with how we are doing things (the farm owns the house, we own the farm and pay rent to it... weird eh?)

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