Monday, October 18, 2010

When A Certain Little Girl Gets My Camera....

I was sewing (which I do in my bedroom) and Julia was playing right outside my room in her own room with her babies. Then it got a bit quiet......for a minute then I heard to talking to her babies again...I guess she was telling them how to pose for their picture she was taking with mommy's camera......which is a TOTAL N-O!!!
Since she was having so much fun and mommy had not caught her in the act at this point she decided to take a picture of her beautiful pink cat and blanket she sleeps with every her American Doll Magazine that she is constantly drooling over!
She also took many other of her toenails that are painted pink....and then others I could not tell what in the world she was trying to capture.......she had fun while it lasted. Silly GIRL!!!


Anonymous said...

My little 5 year old girl does the same thing! I'm always finding random pics on my camera or on my phone!

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