Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingerbread House Construction

The Christmas season is upon us and my kids students are just as excited as any for Christmas break! I decided this would a good time to take a little break for all the book work and insert some seasonal fun into the day. So last week we began construction.....Gingerbread House Construction that is. We have great fun! Each student got a section to decorate.
 This was Zach's side of the house.
 This was Julia side....
 Caleb & Lance each had a top section so they both came up with how to decorate the top, so they would match. I was really impressed with what they came up with.
 Here she is in all her glory... I think this will be a tradition we will do each year now. I bought the whole kit for $10 and I believe I got a great return on my money.
The kids and I totally loved the whole process.
Along with driving around one night to look at Christmas lights, unwrapping a new Christmas book each day, our Christmas chain (counting down the days till the 25th), we will also add making a gingerbread house to our tradition list.
Does your family have any traditions you do each year at this time? 


Anonymous said...

TSC has a Ginerbread barn you can make
Dan Miller

Mac said...

Undertaking the construction of a new home can be very intimidating right from the start.

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