Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Update!!

Here is Lance showing off is great strength ability....with garden tools in hand we set out to hoe the weeds out of the garden for the first time!!!

Before we started the boys spotted this little nest (they actually found it a week before). They found 4 little birds waiting on their mama to come home and feed them.

My sunflowers are coming up all around the front of my garden...

Green beans popping through the soil....though they are coming up way to few in number..I may need to replant some of them...

This randomly loaded sideways so turn your head to see it :) Well again my corn is coming up a bit on the sparce side as well...I plan on checking it out Monday or Tuesday and deciding if I need to replant....
My transplanted strawberries are doing very well. I pinched off all the flowers.....Bummer no strawberries for us to enjoy this summer, but I am looking forward to a great harvest of them next year..Thanks Aunt Cindy for the strawberry starts!!!!
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Megan said...

Part of my beans didn't come up either... I'm not replanting tho, I think we'll still have plenty plus last year my neighbor kept bringing us more!

I'm bummed about no strawberries too. It's painful picking those blossoms off... Next year!

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