Monday, June 15, 2009

CVS & Walgreens Deals...

CVS didn't really have a whole lot I was interested in this week, but I was already out to stop at Walgreens (which is right across the street) so I thought I might as well.... Just stopped in to collect all this for free....I had some ECB's and I paid $13.64 oop and got back $13 ECB' it cost me .64!!! Worth the stop...also I got a coupon from the "magic coupon machine" for a FREE MILK this week...who doesn't need free milk??? I know I do!!! Here is my adorable hubby showing his excited over my deal shopping...I got 2 milks (not pictured), 4 boxes hefty quart bags, 4 Nabisco snacks, 2 deodorant, 1 baby powder, and 1 St. Ives and I spent $16.XX oop (3 transactions)....I ended up with $6 in RR when I left....but I think I messed up a bit this week.....$10 for all that is still to much b/c I made money on three things, and got the baby powder completely free.....The snacky things messed up everything, but I guess that is what I get for grabbing those unneeded things...Grrrrr! Oh well, I'll do better next week....
Just a little braggin' on y hubby....I am so thankful for a husband who supports me and my Coupon Craziness....always willing to keep the kids when I shop....helps carry things inside when I get home if I need it...get excited for me when I come home with lots of deals....And he tells me how much he appreciates how much money I save us each month......all while keeping our cabinets more stocked up than before......THANKS HONEY.......I AM SO GLAD YOUR MY HUBBY!!!


Mominin said...

Great job! I love that pic of Justin, lol.

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