Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday FUN!!

This past Saturday we got to be in a parade!! Grandpa Gaerte built this really fun "train" last year and now we are taking it to some parades and letting the kiddos take a nice long ride.... Last fall we entered one parade and WON!!! So we wanted to see if we could make it Two for Two??? It rained all day and then stopped just in time for the parade...Thank You LORD!!
There are 10 "cars" in all!!

Lance sat in the first car...which holds an important responsibility...he is in charge of ringing the little bell while traveling through the parade.....he did it just perfect!!
Here is Zach!! Look how excited he is.....He had his little hand held wooden train whistle that he blew throughout the whole parade....he thought he was really important...I thought he just might pass out before the end of the parade...he didn't!
Julia just thought the whole thing was great...getting such a long ride and all...I had to keep adjusting her hat, it wanted to fall over her eyes...and my MIL had already put darts in the hats to make them smaller.....
Even with his eyes closed....Caleb managed to give me the traditional "thumbs up" for his pic!!
And Justin and I were two of the three proud walkers (my sil was the other)...We got to throw candy to the kids....unless you were Justin then you threw the candy AT the kids.....this was his first parade to walk to I had to school him a bit on how to deliver the candy......Don't we just look great in our hats??
And this is our caboose to the train.......
After the parade was over, we found out not only did we win the MISC category but we also won the GRAND MARSHALL award as well... GREAT JOB GEORGE!!!
So we are going to try to take home another award this coming Saturday....
Look for us if you will be at the TURTLE DAY parade!!!
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Mominin said...

Great shots! My pics are still on my camera (until I get my computer back). I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award.

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