Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again!

Well last week was VBS and Day Camp at church! Boy was it a BIG week!!! I thought I would share some pics of what we were up to....our theme "Operation Space"...A close encounter with God's World!

ABOVE: The boys practicing their singing programs

Lance was in Day Camp which meant he went from 9A-2P...they have to be in 2nd grade-6th grade for Day Camp...

I helped with the 5 Year old class in VBS (which is 4 years old-1st grade). At the end of each day we met together and the puppets would put on a little show for us...Julia got to come with me on the last day and watch....Oh my she thought they were neat oh!!!

Below: Julia all ready to go her first morning.....AND Zach showing off his robot creation

Caleb and his robot!

This is Zane he was in the class I helped with! He is showing off his Bible reading chart we made one day!
(Side note: We had around 20 very busy 5 year olds each day..WHEW!!!)

A great and exhausting week, but always worth it!!
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