Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sale Finds last week!

Last Thursday-Saturday (most of them Fri. &Sat) there was about 50 or more garage sales at a near by Lake community! It is only about 1 mile from my I went to check out what I could find!! On Thursday I found this chair and crate for $2 each and the little birdhouse for .50!!
After all the drama the last couple weeks with Julia at bedtime we decided it was time to move her to a "Big girl bed"at the end of last week. Here she is in her new bed....doesn't she look so happy!! Believe it or not she has went down GREAT EVERY time since moving her....guess that is just what she needed!!
So we have done a little "musical beds" at our house!! Julia now has Zach's toddler bed and then Zach got the bottom bunk and Caleb moved to the top bunk!! At the sales I was looking for a twin bed and mattress.....
I found this twin bed with frame for $10 but it had no box springs and mattress....I loved the look of the bed but it was all scratched up looked a bit here is the before!!!
Here is the AFTER.... I sanded down the bed with fine grit sandpaper by hand then put two coats of black paint on the bed.....I had some black paint on hand from a previous project I had done.....I am sooooo happy with the result it really looks great! Then I added a quilt to the bed that I made several years ago.....when I had the time and space to do so....I miss quilting!! So this is Lance's new bed....By the way Justin bought another twin bed for $5 at his auction on Saturday (did you all know Justin was an auctioneer??) and it had a mattress and box springs...not in the best shape but we think it will work short term until we run across one!! I am glad we also have a twin bed on hand that for now we can store...but will be great for when we are ready to again move Julia...I think I am painting that bed as well....white I am thinking...

Well here is my room...above my dresser...We have lived here over years and our room has never been a priority to decorate....It's upstairs and no one really sees it but us.....I really wanted to decorate it though so I have been keeping my eyes peeled at sales for things....I found the little spool candle holder on the wall (I still need to get a candle for it) $1, the basket $1, Watering can $2, the little berry wreaths .50 each...everything else I had..The saying I put on the wall is adhesive..I got it for x-mad and I been debating on where to put it since..

This above Justin's dresser, the yellow (which says "faith"and the red tins (which reads "hope") on the wall were $1 each....the crock I got for .25!!!! The dark blue trough was $1...the rest I had....So I spiced up the deco in our room for $8 TOTAL!!! I still would like to get some neat picture for above the bed and maybe add some picture frames with the kids pictures in them somewhere....I think I am off to a good start though...
So now I want to find some decoration for Julia's room and then work on the boys room!! I am so happy with the result of painting Lance's bed I am going to soon tear apart the bunk beds and paint them too, which will help give the appearance that match.....
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Anonymous said...

Lance's new bed sure looks nice!! i glad to see that Miss Juila got her big girl bed and cute bedding also! it looks like to scored a lot of good deals at all your sales.

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