Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am giving away some Hollyhock seeds... I love these old-fashioned looking flowers!! Last year was the first year I had hollyhocks, and they turned lots of heads all summer long!!! The seeds I have are a mixed variety some are like the pink pictured below, some yellow, some a deep burgundy color....They are are mixed together so you will be surprised as they bloom!!
After blooming you can then harvest the seeds (very easy to do) and then have tons of seeds to plant the next year and still have plenty to pass onto friends and family!!

These are SINGLE-BLOOM hollyhocks growing best in Zone 3-9. Blooming July-September

They grow 4 to 6 feet in height Grow in FULL SUN SOIL: rich, moist, deep soil

I wanted to throw this beauty of a picture in here...I have some of these DOUBLE-BLOOM Hollyhocks.......

Giveaway Details:

Open to US residents only Deadline: June 9th, 2009 at 5pm ( 2 WINNERS)

Ways to Enter: Please leave a seperate comment for each item below

1. Sign up to Follow GAERTEGANG ( or let me know you already do)

2. Subscribe to GAERTEGANG (or let me know you already do)

3. Blog about the giveaway and leave your link

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5. Email 3 friends about the giveaway; leave me their first name (this will be based on honesty)

6. Which hollyhock is your favorite single-bloom or double-bloom

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Genesa said...

I follow you!

Mominin said...

I follow!

Mominin said...

I subscribe!

Mominin said...

I like the single bloom Hollyhocks the best! Thanks Danielle!

Megan said...

I can't choose I love them both.

I don't have any hollyhocks so this would be great!

thanks for the giveaway

Megan said...

I follow you

Megan said...

I twittered about giveaway

Megan said...

I subscribe via Google reader!

Genesa said...

I like the single bloom!

Stephanie Reed said...

I think I like the single bloom best. You can make hollyhock dolls with them. Thanks!

stef dot reed at gmail dot com

Laura said...

I like the double bloom--they look like little roses!

Carra said...

I Follow and love it!

Carra said...

It's hard to decide, but I think I like the single bloom.
BUt I think it would be fun to have some of both in different areas!

Carra said...

I blogged about ya too! :)

Hope I win!

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