Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monthly Report for June

Another month down!!! Wow is the year flying by faster or what????

Here is what I spent this month.....

Walgreens $35.62
# of items = 42
CVS $21.44
#of items= 21
Meijer $28.91
#of items=33
Aldi $ 25.65
# of items=19
Kroger $83.47
#of items= 107

To be honest I am a bit disappointed with that total...We ate from the pantry/freezer for about half the month!! I expected out total to be WAY down.....But I guess if I look at grocery alone purchases, I was at $137.83 which is way below $200......I was really hoping to be below $200 with everything though.....Hmmmm I need to decide if my $200 has to include my CVS and Walgreens runs or whether I just want to allow myself a certain amount of money per month for that......I go back and forth with that decision...what do you all think?

Well this next month, JULY, Justin has decided he is meal planning for the month and shopping one time. He wants to break down how much we are spending per meal and what we ate.......just for fun really......In all honesty we kind of like to challenge ourselves and make this whole frugal living lifestyle a game. So I will let you know how it all turned out in my next report......in the mean time I am looking forward to not meal planning and making whatever he comes up with....oh that kinda scares me a little though.....but I am NOT going to complain...He's helping.....right....ya I think so!

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Megan said...

That should be a fun experiment for July!! Can't wait to see how he does. ohhh the pressure, Justin!!!!

Genesa said...

Well I can't help you on your budget question. I struggle with that big time! YAY for Justin!!! I hope you post what he comes up with. That's exciting!

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