Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garden Update!!

The garden is growing and I have been busy weeding it! It really hasn't been that bad though....I usually go out and weed the whole garden one day a week around the plants. This past week I was able to borrow my in-laws little tiller to get in between the rows (THANKS GEORGE & JODY!!) I have really enjoyed watching all my hard work payoff as things really getting growing!!Sunflowers are in the very back, strawberries to the right....two different beans to the left
This shot of the corn really shows the difference in the two plantings of corn....the first go around my corn came up terribly spotty for some reason (I heard several other people say there corn did the same thing). My second planting of corn is coming up great! Even though it is small now, it's growing great....I don't think that corn will make the "knee high by 4th of July" rule though :)
On the right there is celery, early and late cabbage (for coleslaw making), then the rest is plants don't seem to be as big as other people's plants.....but they are growing well and I am sure they will catch up :)
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