Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad OR Funny?

This week the temps have been sweltering!!! It finally feels more like needless to say we are trying to keep cool around here! On Tuesday, the boys came up with this idea...a metal barrel that is normally used to keep all their outside toys in was emptied out and then filled with COLD hose water!

They thought it was fun....I kept looking and them and giggling thinking how funny we must have looked to people driving by our house.....Oh well they then filled up some 5 gallon buckets and had fun traveling around to each one getting wet.
On Wednesday we went to my aunt and uncle's to swim...Julia loves this floaty thing......we decided to put arm floaters on her also.....after her photo-op!
Caleb swimming around making his usual funny faces...but notice no thumbs up...I'm sure it was pure chance that I snapped it before he wiggled those hands to the surface!
Lance's favorite thing is to wear these goggles while "diving" in the shallow to find stuff....

Zach practiced kicking his little legs behind him while floating around on the noodle....which was huge because we started off the swimming lesson with him having a death grip around my neck! Before long he was all over the pool with no fear.
Also on Wednesday night when I went grocery shopping I bought a sprinkler...I wanted one for the garden anyway and thought the boys would also enjoying running around getting maybe we can keep the barrel put away????
So what are you all doing to keep cool....besides staying inside were the AC is?
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Megan said...

I'd go with funny!! Hey you keep cool these days anyway you can!!

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