Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kroger 10/ 10 SALE!!!

Last night I went to Kroger to get in on some of their 10/10 sale before it ended.....I had not been grocery shopping for almost 3 weeks!!! I was taking a much needed break from sale watching, couponing, and running to my we in turn ate from the pantry and the freezer....worked out great, but it felt good snatching up some deals this week!!!
Well, I put 77 items in my cart and my total before any coupons was just over $80....after coupons I paid $63.22!!!!
Just to highlight a couple deals: I got 4 of the Santa Cruz organic juices..on sale for $1.50 and I have .75 off coupons making it only .75! A nice treat for us...I hardly ever buy juice, let alone organic!! I also got 10 FREE Kool-aid packets! I am thinking after this shopping trip that should get me through the end of the month!!! I can't wait to add up my small pile of receipts from this month and see how much below the budget I am since I chose to stay home an not shop!!
We shall see......

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