Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Women's Retreat!

 I love attending a women's retreat! If you have never attended one at your church then you should really think of putting on together for the ladies of your church. I am blessed each year with new friendship with made during each retreat. The theme this year was Proverbs 31.
 The wonderful Lindsay came up with this wonderful idea to have a cafe'. Lots of hot drinks were offered as well as yummy ice tea!
 43 women is all for this year. We enjoyed a DVD presentation Friday night and then an audio presentation on Saturday. Both of them speaking about attributes a Proverbs 31 women should embrace, standing in the light of God's truth, and developing character to match our calling.
 Saturday afternoon had traditionally been a time for learning new things. This year we had a whole afternoon of a workshop called "From the Garden to the Table". Three women from our church spoke. One spoke on Gardening, another on Canning/Preserving (all of her
cans looked so pretty laid out on the table!), and then finally our last speaker talked about cooking from scratch.
Also there was an area women could go and craft for the whole afternoon, without interruption!

Another great year of encouragement, learning, and new relationships formed.....
Couldn't ask for more!



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