Thursday, March 11, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

 Here is my find of the wee (last week). I got these beauties at Aldi for $9.99!!! I was so overjoyed I can't even tell you! These same boots were $30 last year at TSC!
 It didn't take me long to put those boots to work. I cleaned out this flower bed. Last year I planted sunflowers in the back then zinnias in the front. I think I will do the same this year.
 I put Justin to work pruning our apple trees. We did not finish, to big of a job for one afternoon, but at least we got started on it.
 The boys were in charge of carrying the brush to the burn pile. They ended up being a great help in between playing sword matches with the sticks they found...
I trimmed a few twigs off my pussy willow shrub and brought them inside. Within a few hours they were already opening up to show these pretty buds.



Sharon said...

oh boy, I totally love Aldi too!! And if I didn't already have a pair of (much uglier) boots, I would have TOTALLY bought those. So darn cute!

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