Monday, March 29, 2010

March's Character Trait Activites~Patience

 In out kit for this month were given an empty green dish and some grass seed. This activity of planting grass helps to teach the kids patience while working together and patience while they wait for the grass to spout. (Along with other wonder life skills like nurturing the grass with water & light, commitment to make sure that watering is consistent...then wait some more!

 Above: Caleb and Zach used team work to fill the dish with soil...good job boys!
 Here Lance got the job of sprinkling in the grass seeds. There is something very gratifying about planting seeds and watching them grow. It only took a few days for the grass to start sprouting!
 Now it look nice and lush and green! The boys have enjoyed "cutting the grass" on several occasions now. It is grown in nicely and we can now place our cross in the grass.
 Notice the rock beside the foot of the cross? We wrote the 2 Peter verse  reference on it with a permanent marker on one side. We talked about what being patient look like with "one word" then wrote those words on the other side as a reminder.
The kit also came with a FAMILY NIGHT paper. It encouraged each family to plan a night....doing anything you wish, as long as you are together as a family. So here is our family night plan!! We are heading to an indoor water park nearby!!! We got a gift certificate to go there as a family Christmas gift...good thinking huh? So again, the kids are practicing their patience while they have been waiting all month to go.



Mominin said...

Looks like a great learning experience!

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