Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February: Goals for the New Year Update!

  In case you missed my first post on "My list" for 2010...Here is an excerpt....
First of all, I should start by saying I don't get into making unrealistic life changes. I know that for me my list needs to include things I am committed to changing, thing I have been working on already, and realizing I am a busy wife, mommy, and homeschooler that just can't "Do it all". That doesn't mean that I didn't set some high achieving goals ....just that I kept my list limited.
I decided that dividing goals into categorizes was the way to go for me. As we go through 2010, my hope is to keep you informed in a very transparent way on how God is using those goals to mold me throughout the year. I plan to bring you up to speed on what is happening around the Gaertegang household and how "the list" is panning out......My purpose?
To give God the glory for everything, inspire you to set your own goals, and make myself accountable for the things I put on my list.

#1 Continue to be consistent in God's Word daily. I am still reading in Psalms. I continued to be consistent this past month.
#2 Study my Bible in conjunction with a concordance commentary, so I can a deeper understanding. Still progress with getting anything. I have not been to town to even look.
#3 Begin prayer journaling again. I am loving every second of my intimate time when I write letters to God each morning.
#1 More read aloud time together. We did great in the first half of the month...then not so great in the later part of the month.
#2 Continue "NO worksheet Wednesday" & Make Friday our test day Since we are getting to do Tuesday coop classes, we have not been doing our regular Wednesday routine with no worksheets.
#3 Consider using a Unit Study next year
 We did complete a short butterfly unit study. We enjoyed it very much, and hope to do more in the near future.
#1 Make myself a checklist of my household I can better track what needs to be done. DONE
#2 Keep the boys encouraged/disciplined on their chore lists. Failed to keep up with lists this month...gonna hop back on the wagon and keep on keeping on!
#3 Do all things big or small with a servant's heart. This is a daily choice. Failing some days, but trying to keep in the thoughts as I go throughout my day.
#1 Continue to faithfully tithe and be generous when led. I feel this is a such a personal issue, and I also feel it is not needed for me to share with you how much we gave or to where we gave....seems to easy for it to be taken as boastful...which is not at all what we represent. We do feel we were faithful this month.
#2 Be very conscious of how we spend God's money and what we spend it on. I wrote out a budget this month (which I do almost every month). I have been tracking every dime we spend and have been keeping running totals in each category. In order to meet our ambitious financial goals this year I feel this step is an absolute need.
#3 PAY OFF OUR MORTGAGE!!!! ohhh to be debt free....can't hardly wait!!!
Okay, so I thought last month was incredible to pay down the mortgage another 12.5%. I can hardly even tell you without overwhelming emotions that the Lord has enabled us to reach 65% payoff of the remaining balance!!! (our tax refund was a healthy boost) 
#1 No yelling (Sometimes I feel like that is only way I am heard, not a good excuse though) Doing great with this, still a work in progress though.
#2 More patients...hence the no yelling issue. I feel the Lord has blessed me with a great peace this past month. He has been gracious in dealing me an abundance of patience.
#3 Do all things in LOVE....listen more! Doing well in this area. it!
#1 Continue to learn more about cooking from scratch..Don't burn myself out...Having fun..still cooking from scratch..learning more all the time.
#2 Continue to cook meals ahead whenever possible to help with time issues. Hoping to do a BIG cooking day in March.
#3 Keep collecting healthy budget friendly ideas. Ongoing....
#1 Monthly date nights. Yahoo..we went on a date night this month...dinner and saw the movie Dear John (which I loved!!) We already have two date nights on the calendar for March!!!
#2 Get away at least once a year! Nothing planned at this point...
#3 Being a happy helpmate at all times. Need to keep working on it..again a daily choice.

#1 Create a space for my hobbies (somewhere?) DONE!!
#2 Send a stamped card twice a month. I am an over achiever in this area this month! I stamped 2 baby cards, 2 misc cards and a couple birthday cards!!!!
#3 Quilt once a month. I already shared with you the new quilt project I am working on....
#4 Blog for document my family....not feel pressure (from myself) to keep a certain schedule. Doing great in this area. Excited for lots of giveaways in March!



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