Tuesday, March 16, 2010


 We started a new program this past week that our homeschool coop is offering. Each month our family will be given a "kit". Each kit also has a character trait that the activities for that month revolve around. This month our character trait is PATIENCE. Our kits included this beautiful wooden cross that Caleb is painting. He did need patience as he was painting. I explained the importance of taking pride in his work, and remembering what that cross mean to us as Christians. He enjoyed being able to paint it all by himself.
 As you can see, he was concentrating so hard he didn't even notice I was there taking pictures. In the weeks to come, I plan to share what else we are doing to reinforce PATIENCE. A character trait that doesn't seem to come very easy for most of here at the Gaertegang.
 We have our cross displayed on our corn stove with this month's trait. I wanted to keep it in a place that we would see it often and it could be a reminder to us as we go through our day. I know you can't see it in this picture, so I thought I would share what it says under Patience: "Bear in mind that our Lord's patience means salvation." 2 Peter 3:15a



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