Thursday, March 18, 2010

A BIG DAY here at the Gaertegang~Just For the JOY of it!

 Today has been such a joyous I just had to share it with you!!! Today we FINALLY after way to long, had someone come install our crown molding for us!!! When I repainted our kitchen/dining room area I did not paint all the way to the ceiling because I bought the molding to put up immediately after we painted. Well let's just say it been a LONG time since I painted and it still looked like this........
 So every time we have company I feel like a heel not having this project done!! We decided to hire a sweet retired man to come and install it for us! I have come to the conclusion that it is sometime worth it to hire out things that don't break the bank, but get the job done.....And now it looks like this........
 Ohhhhh happy day! I am amazed at how good it looks. I love how it just finishes the look of the room! Now I just might have to go buy some more molding and have him come back to do our living room.....but for now I am going to be ever so excited about this "monkey off our back" being completed!!

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Anonymous said...

remember that your brother-in-law could have put that up for you!! he has all that wood working stuff! let us know if you need help with anything!!! see ya saturday at soccor!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome! Great pics. We can't wait to see it in person sometime.

Melissa said...

Beautiful!!! I know the feeling of having projects like that not completed. I really dislike it. I have a hole in my bedroom wall that really needs to be fixed and it bugs me all the time, but it just keeps sitting there unfixed.

Megan said...

Wow what a difference!! It looks AWESOME!! It really sets off the color of the wall.

Glad you got that project checked off the list!

Genesa said...

Yay! It looks great! So glad you got it done.

Carra said...

Looks great!!!
The Lord has given you a great nack for decorating!
You were on my heart a lot this week, Hope your doing great.
Praying for you.

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