Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kitten Update...

Well I told you last week that our Rosabell cat had 7 kittens. I will spare you all the details, because some are still yet unclear to us.......short story we went out to find the next morning we had only ONE kitten left. Also the mama won't sit still long enough for the surviving one to just to make it more interesting she kept laying on top of it. So now we are dropper feeding a newborn kitten with milk replacer......yes all for the sake of a barn cat. Truth be told, I am only going to all this trouble to please my Caleb. He was so heartbroken over losing all the others I felt it was important we show this kitten some extra LOVE. So this little kitten is now running our life...feeding just like a new born, cleaning it, making sure the hot pad under it's little show box is warm...but not to hot. Yep, all for my Caleb. It does help that he (Caleb) has said to me several times now...."Mom, thank you so much for helping to keep my kitten alive. It's one of the best presents you could EVER give me....really mom I appreciate you getting up in the middle of night to feed it and all." Enough to make my heart melt....and so I will continue to help this little one grow and thrive just for him.
Want to see what this little one looks like?
He/she (not sure yet) weighed 3.92 oz on Friday at 24 hours old.

 Julia thought this little one needed a special bed to sleep in. Soooo I let the kitten take a nap in it, before moving her to a shoe box where it could move around some.



Mominin said...

Poor Caleb! I remember the same thing happening when I was a little girl - I was heartbroken! The Tom cat had come and killed all the babies - I guess they do that sometimes. I'll pray that this last kitten makes it . . . for Caleb's sake.

Carra said...

I'll be praying too!
Life is hard to understand sometimes.
Good job Mama!

Sab said...

That is always so sad when it happens. :( I hope you are able to keep this little one alive. Did the mom just move the others, perhaps?

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