Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitten Update...

I didn't take the time yesterday to tell you all the details of our kittens, so I will today! Yesterday morning Caleb went out to feed the Cats (we have two) he discovered that his cat, Rosabell, had her kittens. He came running into the house and announced their arrival with such excited!!! So we all ran out to check them out as soon as we could get on our coats and rain boots.

When I got out to the barn I noticed right away that these were "fresh kittens". Yep...still wet most all of them. I explained to the  boys that we should be as quiet as possible because this first time mama might be nervous with all of us around here new babies. So we just sat and stared at them and tried to help Caleb contain his excitement. Some of the kittens were already nursing and then out of no where we heard this little meow, that was rather loud for such small kittens. Then Rosabell sat up a bit and starting licking off another new little one. Luckily her head was in the way and no was "educated" in a very real way about giving birth. It was all a very fun morning full of excitement.

We came back into the house to leave them all be and let Rosabell attend to her kittens. The boys were a flurry of questions, "How soon will they open their eyes? How soon will they walk? When will they eat real cat food? So Caleb ran to get his book about Cats he got for Christmas a year ago and they were all huddled together reading aloud the answers to these questions.

After things settled down a bit Caleb came to me and said, "Mom this is the best day of my life! Better than Disney World (which we have never been to), better than Splash Universe (which is are going to very soon). I have always wanted kittens at my house and today my dream has come true!!"

A little later he says well if I call Rosabell "my little girl" what does that make the kittens to me......(he thinks for a minutes)....a GRANDpa!!! Ohhh I am pretty sure I lost it that very second and we enjoyed laughing together and rejoicing over the simple in life like new kittens.

Here are a couple pictures of the new little ones:



Michelle Pixie said...

How Exciting! No wonder why they are beaming from ear to ear! :D

Sab said...

They are SO cute! I love little kittens!

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