Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring CLEANING: Main Bathroom

~Give the shower/tub area a good scrub down. Use a really good cleaner and even get out a scrub brush and scrub every inch of that shower. Use this as an opportunity to clean out any unused items from the shower, like the rest of that conditioner that you don't use anymore, or the old razor.
~Replace you shower curtain, if it needs it. If you have a cloth one, take it off and wash it this week. Usually they recommend not drying these in the dryer, so they should be fine hanging them a little damp. My suggestion would be to wash the curtain either first thing in the morning or right before bed. And let it dry at a time when not many people will touch it. I would do it during the day when my boys are at school.
~Sweep. Wipe down the floors and the walls with a disinfecting cleaner. Clean the mirror. Wash your curtains. All of these things on the walls and floor will catch any germs as the toilet is being flushed with the lid up. When wiping down the floor, start at the furthest point away from the toilet, then work your way TO the toilet. That way none of the "toilet germs" are spread across the floor.
~Clean your sink. Clean Anything that is also sitting around your sink. I use an old toothbrush around the faucet fixture. You would be grossed out on how much dirt those boys drag in... Summer is horrible! Spring and mud do us NO favors... And then it sits around the faucet. Make sure you are wiping down your sink area DAILY. Especially if anyone in you home is sick with colds or flu.
~Rid out you cupboards. Organize! This is needed in my bathroom! I get so many good deals on things in all kind of gets shoved in our cupboards and then, doesn't really scream organized. Add baskets and drawers, as needed to organize your toothbrushes, combs, and other person items.
~Have a laundry hamper. This seems to go with out saying but it does reduce a lot of mess in a bathroom if there is somewhere for those dirties to go! And if you already have a hamper make sure you clean it!!! This is also a place for germs and bacteria. Spray this down regularly with a disinfecting spray.
~If everything working? Make sure you get those things fixed this week. Are all of the light bulbs working? Anything else need done?
~Last but not least, how is the decorating? Did you want to do anything different? Add anything new? Now's the time!

To check out who is linking up for this week's challenge and see all of the before pictures go visit HERE!

We only have one bathroom in the whole our Main Bathroom is our only! I might also add that it is a very small space. Bummer, huh? We make it work....I am excited to get some unfinished things taken care of in this room this week!
Here are my before pictures:

You realize that their is very little pride involved in this challenge when you see me post these pics. What I REALLY wanted to do was clean up the bathroom before taking these photos. Number one, I wouldn't be being real and Number two the after pictures wouldn't have their Ahhhhhh effect!
Happy cleaning this week!


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Your bathroom is so cute!

I completely agree with what you said about not cleaning before taking the before pictures (if you look at my pictures, that will be obvious LOL). Really though, let's be real about it, right?! I actually really like to have "real" before and after pictures for myself to see how much I really accomplished and as motivation to never let it go back to looking like it did!

Have a great week and happy cleaning!

Jen said...

I wanted to clean mine up too... actually the kids did clean their tooth paste mess up before I realized it should be the upstair bathroom instead of my 1/2 bath.

Can't wait for the Ahhhhhh effect!

Sarah said...

Pride? What Pride? My hubby was watching as I posted pics of our TOILET on the Internet... He laughed because it's a little nutty! BUT, it is a great encouragement to know you are among friends in this challenge!

I can't wait to see how much you get accomplished! :) Thanks for linking up!

Genesa said...

Good luck Danielle, hope yo uget everything done!

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