Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making A Deposit~Just For the JOY of it!

 Everyone is proudly displaying their "money bags" before we head into the bank. I only take them in about once a year to deposit money into their accounts, and yesterday was the day. As you can see Julia is not so sure about this whole "giving money to the bank". I was just praying she did start kicking and screaming when she realized the bank guy was giving her bag back to her EMPTY! I am happy to report that she did well and the boys are so funny and proud of their deposits into their accounts. 
I think it is important to teach our kiddos early how to manage and save their money.
We had a fun time and they thought it was a great bonus that they got a sticker too!! 
Ahhh it's the simple things that thrill them most.

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Sharon said...

that's AWESOME. What a wonderful lesson to be learning. And such a cute picture!

Jamie~ said...

Great idea! We have piggy banks, but I think we'll start "giving" the bank our money, too.

Carra said...

Thats so funny we did that with our kids yesterday!
Have a blessed day!

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