Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looks Like I've Had Company (uninvited company)!

 I went down to the basement yesterday to get some seeds to do my second planting of tomatoes and some other things, and this is what I found...........(insert angry shrill sounds)

Apparently we had some very uninvited guests at our home and didn't even realize it...until yesterday! "This thief" ate all my pumpkin seeds, both varieties, my new sunflower variety that I was excited to have to add to my others......ripped open my bag of sugar snap peas & one bad of sweet corn, but I guess those were not his favorite because he left them all there is a pile for me to reclaim. My watermelon bag was chew up some but luckily I don't think he stole any of them. Ohhh ya and my Moonflower seeds must be yummy too because he just left me the bag.Grrrrrr! I know it's my own fault for being silly enough to think that these critters wouldn't break into them. I guess in my world I pretend these critters NEVER enter my we don't have uninvited furry things......ohh I wish that was the case! You can bet that the traps are already set and ready to unleash some justice on "the thief" that I am sure is somewhere roaming unseen.....even though I am going to pretend otherwise because it creaps me out!!

On the JOYFUL side, my seeds I started on the 13th of this month are doing GREAT!!! They are staying nice and cozy under the grow light by day, and on top of the corn stove by night. I also planted a second round of tomatoes, Delphiniums (perennial), and some Stevia (herb...the leaves are 30% sweeter than sugar).

So that's all from the Gaertegang this Thursday....go see Sharon here and read more joyful happenings!



Megan said...

Oh how maddening... I hate those furry guys! Doesn't he know how important those seeds are!?!?!?!?

Genesa said...

LOL! What a bummer, but you recount it so humorously that I couldn't help but laugh! At least your starts are doing great!

Sharon said...

OH NO! That must have been so frustrating! Good for you for finding the silver lining. Can't wait until spring!

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