Friday, February 26, 2010

Gaertegang News!

Happy Friday!! Here at The Gaertegang I am gearing up for the annual Women's Retreat at my church. I am excited and looking forward to having a great time with all the ladies. We have our school work done for the day, so the boys are enjoying some computer time!! Brrr! I am over all this cold weather, bring on the WARM weather please!!! I just wanted to let you all know that THE GAERTEGANG is going to be rolling out a TON of giveaways in the month of MARCH!! Be sure to check in each day with won't want to miss any of the goodies I have lined up for you all!!!

Speaking of giveaways, have you all got entered in the current two giveaways I have going? If not scoot on over and do that now!!! Deadline for entries is approaching fast!

In case you need reminded on how to leave a comment so you can enter here is a step by step:

*At the botton of this post you should see "Post A Comment"  (Scroll down past everyone else's comments)
* Write in your entry. Be sure to include your email at the bottom of each entry if you are NOT a blogger!
*If you are NOT a blogger, then look below the comment box where it says "comment as". Click on Anonymous.
*Click on preview.
*Then click on Post comment!

Your done!!!! If you have any problems let me know!




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