Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Butterfly Bundle Review~Whole World Publishing

I was given the opportunity to review this unit study for Whole Word Publishing for free. Thank You to Debbie for asking me to tell her what I think.

The Whole Word Publishing by Debbie Martin has created a delightful unit study on butterflies. The butterfly bundle includes 247 pages of detailed information on butterflies. In this package your children will learn:

Types Of Butterflies
Life Cycle Of A Butterfly
The Chrysalis
Difference Between Butterflies And Moths and the Types Of Moths
Glass Winged Butterfly
Migration Of The Butterfly
Making A Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Journal as well as Writing Pages
Parts Of A Butterfly Including Their Eyes And Wings
Clip Art and Pictures to print out for journaling
Coloring Pages
Caterpillar, Butterfly And Flower Mini Books

This bundle was downloaded onto my computer and then the boys and I went through it together page by page. The boys really liked the beautiful butterflies, charts, and maps. We also went to the library and picked up about a dozen books on butterflies and went through parts of those as well. We found that this bundle really contained all the information we needed to know and that the books repeated the same information we had already read.

I would recommend this bundle to anyone looking to beat the winter blues. This unit study got us all exited to plant our own butterfly garden. We can't wait to feel the warm sunshine on our faces while we go butterfly watching.Another great reason to recommend this study.....the price!
Regular price $28 on sale now for $2.50 which is  91% savings!!!

Whole Word Publishing products are sold exclusively with Currclick. Be sure to check out all the great materials they have to offer. Most all of them that I saw, are budget friendly and would be worth you time to check them out.



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